Biden Wins Tonight In Mississippi

Washington – Seeking to consolidate itself as the leader of the Democratic presidential primaries, former Vice President Joseph Biden won tonight in Mississippi, according to television network projections.

In addition, he led 51.5% to 43% to Senator Bernie Sanders in the key state of Michigan, the main award of the night and where 125 delegates are distributed.

In Missouri and Mississippi, Biden would control a clear majority of its delegates, 68 and 36, respectively.


Michigan represented in 2016 the state that gave Sanders (Vermont) the strength to compete against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was finally the candidate of the Democrats, but lost the state to now President Donald Trump.

The other primaries took place in the states of Washington (89), Idaho (20) and North Dakota (14).

In total, 352 delegates will be distributed tonight ahead of the Democratic presidential convention, scheduled for July in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Voting has taken place amid the precautions generated by the spread of the coronavirus, which caused the cancellation of events of both presidential candidates in Ohio, where there will be primary next Tuesday.

For the first time in these primaries, today’s votes are a face-to-face between Biden and Sanders.

The former US vice president started the night with a nearly 100 delegates (670-574) lead over Sanders, according to analysis by the publication Real Clear Politics.

A Democratic candidate for the White House needs at least 1,991 delegates to win the nomination in a first vote at the presidential convention.

If neither reaches that number, then the vote opens during the convention to the 771 superdelegates, who are elected officials and directors of the US Democratic Party.

Recent polls have favored Biden.



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