Bill Clinton says his relationship with Monica Lewinski was to "manage his anxiety"

Bill Clinton Says His Relationship With Monica Lewinski Was To “manage His Anxiety”

New York – Former US President Bill Clinton has said that his sexual relationship with the then White House Fellow Monica Lewinski was “one of the things she did to manage her anxiety.”

In these terms, the former president expressed himself during the recording of the documentary “Hillary”, which opens this Friday and takes advantage of his wife’s presidential campaign in 2016 to review the life of the former secretary of state and also covers this controversial episode in the life of marriage.

Bill Clinton states during one of the chapters of the Hulu miniseries that the case “was something with which he could disconnect his mind for a moment” and that everyone in his life has “pressures, disappointments and fears”, and that he He looked for distractions for years to better manage his anxiety.


On this incident, which served the House of Representatives to initiate a political trial against him, Clinton admits in the documentary to have lied to his wife at first after denying him several times until he finally “had to sit down” and confess “what it was too obvious. “

“We sat on the bed and talked to her. I told her exactly what had happened and when, and that I felt terribly,” says Clinton in the series, who insists that “I had no possible defense” and what I had done was “inexcusable”.

For her part, Hillary Clinton points out that she was “destroyed” and could not believe that her husband had lied to her.

The marriage also addresses the marriage therapy sessions they attended after the Lewinski case and suggest that, although there were “very painful” discussions in the sessions, they were necessary.

In this sense, Bill Clinton refers to therapy as “one of the hardest things I have had to do.”

About Lewinsky, the former US president says he feels very bad about the fact that the life of the ex-grantee has been defined by it “in an unfair way”, although he also believes that it is time for her to “turn the page”.