Bill De Blasio Will Support The Candidacy Of Bernie Sanders

New York – The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, plans to give his support to Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, after having put an end to his own candidacy, The New York Times announced Friday.

According to the newspaper, De Blasio plans to travel next Sunday and Monday to Nevada to campaign with Sanders for the caucus that the state celebrates on February 22.

The mayor of New York ended last September to his brief candidacy for the Democratic primary for the November presidential elections, which never managed to mobilize great support.


His endorsement of Sanders represents a shift from four years ago, when De Blasio preferred to support Hillary Clinton in the primary rather than Sanders.

Although it appears in the most progressive wing of the Democratic Party, De Blasio has so far avoided giving support to candidates who have proposed from the left as an alternative to more moderate profiles.

For example, in 2018 he did not give his support to actress Cynthia Nixon when he confronted the New York governor Andrew Cuomo in the primaries, with whom the mayor has maintained a tense relationship.

However, De Blasio and Sanders share many points of view and have remained close in recent years.

His formal support for the Senator’s candidacy for Vermont will come when he has established himself as one of the big favorites in the primaries, after his recent victory in New Hampshire and his second place in Iowa.

Sanders has taken the lead in national polls, beating what had so far been the name with more options, former Vice President Joe Biden.

The current average of the latest polls prepared by the specialized web Real Clear Politics gives the first position to the senator for Vermont, as it brings together 23.6% of the intention to vote; followed by Biden (19.2%), and then billionaire Michael Bloomberg (14.8%).