Bill Gates Beats Jeff Bezos As The Richest Person In The World

(CNN Business) – Bill Gates is back on top.

On Friday, Gates beat Amazon's chief executive Jeff Bezos to claim the distinction of the richest person in the world, with a net worth of $ 110 billion, according to the Bloomberg billionaire index.

It is the first time that the cofounder of Microsoft occupies the first position in more than two years. It briefly surpassed Bezos last month after Amazon reported that its earnings for the quarter ended in September fell almost 28% over the previous year. But Gates' time at the top was short-lived.


And he regained leadership because Microsoft shares have risen almost 48% this year, which helped increase the value of his participation in the company. In October, Microsoft beat Amazon for a $ 10 billion cloud computing contract with the Pentagon, adding an extra drama to the wealth race between Gates and Bezos.

Bezos, who this year paid a significant portion of his participation in Amazon in the divorce of his wife of 25 years, MacKenzie Bezos, now ranks second with a net worth of 108.7 billion.

Gates recently commented on his wealth in response to a wealth tax proposed by some Democratic political candidates, including Senator Elizabeth Warren.

He said he has already paid more than $ 10 billion in taxes and that it would be good for him to increase that to $ 20 billion. However, having to pay 100 billion dollars would lead him to start "doing a little math about what I have left."