Bill Gates’ Harsh Correction Of Elon Musk For His Comments On The Coronavirus – Prensa Libre

Bill Gates and Elon Musk. (Free Press Photo: Hemeroteca PL)

Entrepreneurs Bill Gates and Elon Musk raise $ 186 billion, both of which are on Bloomberg magazine’s list of millionaires, but have opposite views on the coronavirus.

Gates, Microsoft founder and philanthropist, has funded and closely followed the development of covid-19 vaccines. Instead, Musk has questioned the overall response to the disease.


And in this context, Gates, the second richest man in the world with $ 117 billion, said in a recent interview that he found Musk’s positions against the virus “scandalous”.

“Elon’s position is to maintain a high level of outrageous comment,” Gates told CNBC.

“He is not very involved in vaccines. Makes a great electric car. And their rockets work well. So you are allowed to say these things. I hope you don’t confuse areas that you’re not too involved in. ”

$ 186 billion totals the fortunes of Gates and Musk.

Those comments sum up what Gates thinks of Musk, the CEO of Tesla electric cars and entrepreneur of special trips for recreational purposes, whose fortune is $ 69 billion and in seventh place in the Blomberg ranking.

Musk said at the start of the pandemic that the confinement order for some states in the United States seemed “fascist.”

In another comment, he wrongly said that the children were immune to the coronavirus. In another episode, she applauded businesses in Texas that opened their doors despite sanitary restrictions.

More recently, on June 30, he said there are a lot of false positives for covid-19 and that alters official data. Coincidentally, that day there were 48,000 new cases in the United States, a record number for that day.