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Bill Gates Sees America’s COVID-19 Testing System “Scandalous”

Washington – Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on Sunday called it “scandalous” that Americans cannot get COVID-19 test results twenty-four hours after being tested, in an interview on Fox News television.

“Even today, people don’t get results in 24 hours. It is scandalous that we are still like this ”, he stressed.

In his view, the United States should acknowledge that it has not done a good job fighting the pandemic.

“I think we need to acknowledge the fact that we have not done a good job. Part of the reluctance to fix the test system, I think, now is that nobody wants to admit that it is still scandalous, “he said.

“The United States has more devices, more capacity than any other country, by far,” he stressed. And, in part, the reimbursement system is creating a perverse incentive. “

Gates, co-chair of the foundation that bears his name and that of his wife, Melinda, has been heavily involved in the race to get a vaccine against COVID-19. In fact, his foundation supports the German company CureVac that is working on one of the vaccines.

The philanthropist pointed out that he expects the COVID-19 vaccine to be approved in early 2021: “then by next summer the United States will begin to return to normal and by the end of the year our activities will be normal, if we also help other countries ”.

“In the best case the end of the epidemic will probably be 2022,” he added. But during 2021, we should be able to reduce the numbers if we take a global approach. So, you know, thank God that the technology for the vaccine was there, that the funding came, and that the companies put in their best people. That is why I am optimistic that the pandemic will not last indefinitely. “


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