Billie Eilish Does What She Never Does: She Takes Off Her Clothes And Shows Her Body

The singer released a video in which she also confronts people who criticize her body

The successful singer Billie eilish, who has been characterized hiding her body under loose clothing in order to avoid being sexualized, surprised her followers (and also those who are not) this weekend by showing herself in public like never before, that is, in little clothing .


The interpreter of Bad guy He has acknowledged in the media that he prefers to wear clothes of larger sizes than his due to his insecurities and as a criticism of the hypersexualization of which female artists are victims, even those who are minors.

This time he decided to take a total turn to his demand by presenting a video in which, while exposing his point of view, he is taking off his clothes.

This happened during the intermission of one of the concerts he offered in Miami as part of his tour Where do we go ?.

In the clip, which left more than one with his mouth open, the singer looks at the camera while facing those who have criticized his physique.

“Do my shoulders provoke you? And my chest? Am I my stomach? My hips? The body I was born with, isn’t it the one you wanted? If I wear what is comfortable for me, I am not a woman, If I take off my capes, I am a pu ** and, although you have never seen my body, you judge it and judge me for it, ”he says Billie eilish In this controversial video.

At the end of it, the 18-year-old singer born in Los Angeles stays in a bra as a form of protest, because she also asks the viewer if she would like it to be smaller or weaker, softer, taller or quieter. “Is my value based only on your perception or is your opinion about me not my responsibility?” He asks.

It is worth mentioning that the video of Billie eilish He was greeted with cries of euphoria from the audience at the American Airlines Arena.