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Black Friday 2019, the day of the best discounts is almost here. The last months of the year are crazy when it comes to shopping. After all the hustle and bustle of Halloween in October, November is a crucial month for all shoppers who prefer to shop before December arrives and is too late for many.

Black Friday, is a unique date to take advantage of the best discounts. Black Friday is your opportunity to buy what you most want for a cheaper price than the rest of the year. You only need an Internet connection and review the information we share in this note. Black Friday has become in recent years one of the essential dates of world trade.

We know as Black Friday or Black Friday the day that begins the Christmas shopping season in the United States. It takes place one day after Thanksgiving, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Historically, some have attributed the name to the day when businesses managed to change the red numbers to black.


A few years ago, this American tradition reached several countries of the world. The first country to import this celebration was Spain, then they were replicated in countries such as Mexico, Canada, England, Ireland, and Latin American countries, including Peru. Now, the main companies offer mega discounts in their online and physical stores which generates that hundreds of people congregate around the shopping centers to get the best deals.

History and Origin of Black Friday Black Friday is a Friday that falls at the end of November and presents a series of offers for its consumers online and physically. (Photo: Daily Express)

The term "Black Friday" refers to what formerly meant the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Before the typewriters, the earnings were written by hand with black ink while the losses with red ink. "Black Friday" shows this change from "red" to "black" as a time of prosperity for business for Christmas.

On the other hand, "Black Friday" also refers to the financial crisis that happened in 1869, on Friday, September 24 to be exact, when Jay Cloud and Jim Fisk, two financial executives of the Wall Street stock exchange, tried unsuccessfully to hoard The whole gold market.

His actions caused several investors to be ruined and began a process of economic recovery to save the stock market. This Friday was called "Black Friday."

When will Black Friday be? On Friday 29 of 2019 a day after Thanksgiving the day of the best discounts will arrive. (Photo: Business Insider)

This year's “Black Friday” is next Friday, November 29, 2019 worldwide. Stores like Amazon, Bestbuy, Gamestop, eBay and more will join in this huge exhibition of offers for consumers.

However, we can say that in the United States, Black Friday offers tend to start long before that. They begin unofficially on November 1 of each year, with some of the best deals that take place on Thanksgiving week. But it's only a few retailers that start offering advances on Black Friday deals.

How long are Black Friday deals? Black Friday this year is later than ever, on November 29. (Photo: South area)

Although the offers of Black Friday are traditionally framed within 24 hours of the last Friday of November, the reality is that many businesses extend discounts to the days before or after this black Friday.

Thus, some companies will begin their offers before 00.00 on November 29, while others will extend the campaign throughout the weekend.

In addition, the Monday after Black Friday, that is, on December 2, Cyber ​​Monday is celebrated, a day of discounts especially relevant in technology.

Best platforms to buy on Black Friday and their discounts by categories Amazon In Black Friday a tradition is that Amazon offers a combination of discounts of several days together. (Photo: Multiplayer)

Amazon loves to boost its offers for Black Friday and this year will be no different. After Amazon Prime Day, the online page will offer more discounts during Black Friday weekend to Cyber ​​Monday on everything from technology to televisions, laptops, books and toys.

Last year the Black Friday sales period was a great success for Amazon that says: “Cyber ​​Monday 2018 was the biggest shopping day in the company's history” in the United States. During five days of popular shopping that begin on Thursday, it is Thanksgiving Day and continues until Cyber ​​Monday.

Toys and board games category, you will find from toys for the little ones such as board games for all ages, such as Monopoly, Jenga, Scrabble, Twister, Risk, Boogle among others. Ideal for gifts or to buy and have them at home to have a good time with family or friends. Electro category, you can find everything related to portable audio and video devices, headphones, computers, car electronics and vehicles, TVs , accessories and supplies, cameras, cell phones and more. Undoubtedly one of the most sought after categories on this day of offers. The brands you will find are Samsung, Apple, Sony, Lg, Bossé, Panasonic among others. Home category, you will find items for deco, home or kitchen. If you need decoration accessories for living room, rooms, bathrooms or outdoors, as well as cleaning products, storage and organization, furniture, bedding, paintings or art for your walls and more. Beauty and personal care category, you will find items such as fragrances of the different brands, articles and products for hair care, products and articles for skin care and also makeup. No doubt this is the special category for ladies, as well as for those boys who are looking for a product for personal use or as a gift. BayeBay is your online buying and selling platform. (Photo: Gillfeld)

If everything follows the same dynamics of the previous year, you can expect to find a wide variety of new products and limited units up to 60% off. Offers appear in all categories of the portal, although telephony, electronics and video games tend to be a big favorite among shoppers.

Highlights: you will find the most wanted and sold products in recent days, ranging from cameras, wallets, shoes, cell phones and many more that will depend on where you are. Undoubtedly, a section that you should review before going to look for other items. Technology category is one of the ones that receives more users on Black Friday and the rest of the year either for a gift or for a personal taste. Technology articles are what are revolutionizing the world and therefore are the best sellers. In this category you can find cell phones, cameras, headphones, speakers for your computer, controls of all consoles, protectors for cell phones, tablets and more. Fashion category, you will find items such as watches, shoes, wallets, clothes for women / men different brands and also jewelry. Undoubtedly this is the ideal category to buy Christmas gifts for family and friends. Home and garden category you will find items such as bedding, towels, carpets, deco, picture frames, sporting goods, as well as cleaning products, storage and organization, furniture, paintings or art for your walls and more.

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