Bloomberg Gets Hit From His First Debate

Washington – Michael Bloomberg – who has lifted his Democratic presidential candidacy by force of publicity – had a random start in the debates of the campaign, facing devastating attacks from his opponents, led by Senator Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts).

Just when the debate on Wednesday night began – prior to the caucuses on Saturday in Nevada -, Warren stoked the discussion about a presidential candidate who will not appear on the ballots until the super Tuesday of March 3 and has already spent, of your pocket, $ 400 million.

“I want to talk about who we are aspiring against: a billionaire who calls the billionaire women‘ fat mares ’and‘ horse-faced lesbians ’. And I’m not talking about Donald Trump. I’m talking about (former New York mayor) Bloomberg, ”Warren said.


The references of ‘fat mares’ and ‘horse-faced lesbians’ attributed to Bloomberg – the ones the former mayor rejects – are contained in a booklet written by one of his former employees.

Both Warren and former Vice President Joseph Biden – who has lost support in the nationwide polls in the face of Bloomberg’s advance – demanded the former New York mayor to relieve women who reached confidentiality agreements to file allegations of workplace and sexual harassment against of your company

Bloomberg rejected the idea. But, last night’s debate revealed that this is an issue that will not go out soon.

The former mayor also had to face, in his first appearance in a televised debate of the Democratic presidential primaries, strong criticism for the implementation in the Big Apple of the “stop and register” search program, which was implemented mainly in minority communities and which at least until 2015 defended.

“I have lost forgiveness,” he said, although, to the surprise of some, he insisted on defending the success of the program.

Former Vice President Biden noted that the strategy behind the “stop and frisk” program was aimed primarily at the African-American and Latino communities of New York City.

“The policy was abhorrent and a violation of all the rights that people have,” Biden said, recalling the pressure that President Barack Obama put on Bloomberg against that program.

Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont), who leads the nationwide polls and is currently considered the main candidate for the Democratic presidential candidacy, did not escape criticism.

The former mayor of South Bend (Indiana) Peter Buttigieg – who is leading the unofficial delegate count, 23-21 on Sanders, but has a complicated picture in the upcoming contests – asked Sanders for accounts on the cost of his proposal. ‘ Medicare for all ‘and the attitude on the social networks of some people who identify as if they were their followers.

Buttigieg, who has wanted to project himself as a candidate who reconciles the liberal and conservative positions of the Democrats, sought to take advantage of Sanders being independent and Bloomberg has been Republican, independent and democratic, to the point that he backed President George W. Bush in 2004 .

For Buttigieg, Sanders “wants to burn” the Democratic house and Bloomberg – with a flow of $ 60,000 million – “buy it.”

Sanders also faced claims to offer details of his medical condition, after suffering a heart attack on October 1. He said he has delivered enough medical reports.

Meanwhile, Sanders said Bloomberg’s candidacy represents “the grotesque and immoral distribution of wealth and income” in the United States.

Bloomberg also wanted to point out that Sanders – thanks to the publication of his books around his political agenda – is already a millionaire and has three houses.

At one point in the debate, insisting that Sanders’ democratic social agenda will not be able to defeat Trump, Bloomberg described the ideas of the senator by Vermont as “communists.” “That is a cheap accusation,” Sanders replied.

The crossfire between the candidates was constant.

For example, Wednesday’s debate, broadcast by MSNBC, also had very hard encounters between Buttigieg and Senator Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota), who are looking to project themselves as a better centrist alternative than Bloomberg or Biden against Liberal Sanders.

Buttigieg ridiculed that Klobuchar, despite being part of the Foreign Affairs Committee, could not say in an interview the name of the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“You mean I’m dumb?” Klobuchar snapped angrily, who felt that Buttigieg, who was mayor of a small town in Indiana, does not have the experience to be considered a viable candidate for the US Democratic Party.

Senator Sanders is a favorite to win Saturday’s caucuses in Nevada.

According to the average of recent polls – calculated by Real Clear Politics, Sanders has 30% support in Nevada, compared to 16% of Biden, 14.5% of Warren, 10.5% of businessman Tom Steyer (who did not get enough support in the polls to be in the debate) and 9.5% of Senator Klobuchar.

The average of national surveys, meanwhile, has Sanders on the rise, with 27.5%, surpassing Biden (17.8%), Bloomberg (16.1%), Warren (12.3%), Buttigieg (10.3%) and Klobuchar (6.4% ).



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