Bloomberg Tries To Make Up With a Manipulated Video His Defeat In The Debate Of The Democratic Primary

Michael Bloomberg, candidate for the US Democratic primary, has circulated through his official Twitter account a manipulated video in which a moment of the debate of candidates held this Thursday in Las Vegas to try to recreate a moment is falsified winner ‘that never existed. “I think I’m the only person here who has started a business, is this fair?” says the tycoon in the video. After his intervention, several cuts of the rest of the candidates were surprised by the question, unable to answer him.– Mike Bloomberg (@MikeBloomberg) February 20, 2020The manipulated video, which Bloomberg accompanies with a brief “Anyone?” (Anyone?), Corresponds to a moment of debate in which after formulating the question, the magnate pauses for just a second before concluding with an “ok” his challenge to the other candidates. In the assembly, the silence of Bernie Sanders, Elisabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar is extended 25 seconds thanks to the edition. A pause that is accentuated by incorporating the sound of crickets in the background.Moment Bloomberg campaign altered in post-debate video– TPM Livewire (@TPMLiveWire) February 20, 2020After the viralization of the video, which in just three hours has reached one million views, the spokeswoman for the Bloomberg campaign, Galia Slayen, has recognized the manipulation, however trying to downplay the importance of highlighting the irony of the publication and considering obvious its falsehood, despite not being specified in the tweet. “It is obvious that in a set of debates there are no crickets,” Slayen said in statements to the American media TPM. The instant corresponding to Bloomberg’s statement against the rest of the candidates took place after a question in which the conductor of the debate asked reference to the comments in which the American tycoon linked the financial crisis of 2008 with the end of the so-called ‘redlining’, a discriminatory practice that rejected the granting of loans to residents of neighborhoods with a majority of black population. The dissemination of this video manipulated comes after the defeat of the former mayor of New York in which, for the rest of the candidates, it has been the ninth debate of the race for the Democratic nomination for this year’s presidential elections. Bloomberg appeared in the pre-debate polls in third position, an irruption in the campaign that may have led to the aggressive strategy developed by other candidates during the debate last night.The billionaire, 78, announced his candidacy for the primary Democrats less than three months ago, almost nine months behind their competitors, after remaining 13 years out of politics.