BMV And Biva Operate With Losses After Comments From Donald Trump

The Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) operates at a loss, in line with its US counterparts. The square is dyed red after comments by US President Donald Trump, who denied the existence of an agreement with China to eliminate tariffs. The downward data on local industrial activity also weighs.

The benchmark S & P / BMV IPC index, composed of the 35 most liquid shares in the local market, regresses a marginal -0.04% and is located at a level of 43,683.92 units. Of the values ​​that integrate it, 21 operate in negative and the remaining 14 register slight advances. Peñoles and América Móvil advances limit losses.



The titles that lead the decline of the index are Orbia Advance, with -1.45%; Genomma Lab, with -1.26%, and Grupo México, of Germán Larrea, with -1.07 percent. Peñoles stands out in earnings, with 2.00%; Gruma (MASECA), with 1.74%, and América Móvil, by Carlos Slim, with an advance of 0.69 percent.

The day is also negative in the Institutional Stock Exchange (Biva), the second stock exchange in the country. Its main index, the FTSE BIVA, operates with a loss of -0.03% that places it at a level of 897.17 units. The indexes of both bags remain close to their strong resistance of the year of 44,000 and 900 units, respectively.

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