Board Will Reinforce Granada Intercity Bus Connection, Valued With Remarkable

Granada, Dec 27 (EFE) .- The users of Granada intercity buses have rated their service with 7.39 out of 10, the best rating in recent years that Fomento interprets as the answer to its improvements, which will continue with greater connections to bring the subway to a dozen municipalities.

The Granada Metropolitan Transportation Consortium has conducted a survey among users of intercity buses, which have granted a 7.39 out of ten to the service, which highlighted the treatment of drivers, safety and ease of access and exit to the bus, as well as the air conditioning and cleaning.

The Minister of Development, Infrastructure and Land Management, Marifrán Carazo, has considered in a statement that this good note confirms that the initiatives of the Board improve this public transport and already bear fruit.


Carazo has advanced that the Board works on new projects to improve the quality of service and increase the number of users, such as the commissioning of shuttles that serve to bring the inhabitants of up to ten municipalities in Granada to the subway or the construction of reserved platforms .

The study on the degree of user satisfaction has highlighted that 60% of users of the intercity bus service have a private vehicle and that the reasons for opting for public transport are the difficulties of parking the car -33% -, comfort -27.2% – or the price of the bus trip indicated by seven out of every hundred users.

The study has also highlighted the loyalty of users, since more than half use it almost daily and more than 20% do so between one and three days a week.

In 93.6% of cases the trips are round trip and more than eight out of ten used to pay the consortium card.

The profile of the average user is that of women between 31 and 60 years, more than half of the users consider that the service provided by intercity buses is good or very good, and only 12.4% rate it as bad or very bad.

The average rating of the service is 7.39 out of 10 and highlights the treatment of drivers (8.3), safety (8), bus accessibility (7.9), the temperature inside the vehicle (7, 9) and cleanliness (7.8).

The results of this study are based on more than 1,300 surveys carried out at street level to users of the 14 intercity bus service operators in Granada. EFE