Bob Proctor Dies At 87

Scottsdale, AZ  According to Bob Proctor’s official Facebook page he passed away today February 4th, 2022.

There are no other sources to cite his passing but according to Twitter, there are many people mourning his death.

He was an inspiration for many and throughout his years helped many people come self help themselves out of poverty depression mental illness among others


Bob Proctor (born July 5, 1934) (died February 4, 2022) was a Canadian self-help writer and lecturer.

He is best known as the contributor to the New York Times bestseller “You Are Born Rich” (1984) and the movie “The Secret” (2006).

Proctor’s material argues that a positive self-image is essential to success and often cites the law of attraction.

This includes all the books he wrote and the seminars and videos he shared.

The proctor and the law of attraction have been criticized as a threat to individuals, meaning that over time, one lasting idea, whether wealthy or healthy, can become a reality.

Often. In addition, experts believe that individuals can choose a more positive mindset than physiotherapy or medical intervention.

The law of attraction began with the idea supported by self-help enthusiasts that positive thinking can shape reality.

Proctor had low self-esteem as a child, had little ambition, dropped out of Danfoss Tech after injuring his thumb with a band saw, and had no plans for his future.

When Proctor was working at a fire station in Toronto, a man he met at the age of 26 shared with him his first book, Think and Grow Rich.

Eventually, the book shifted his focus and his life began to change. He paid off his debt and began cleaning his floor to help him start making money.

Proctor started as a cleaning service company.

He claims to have generated over $ 100,000 in net income in his first year without formal education or business experience.

Realizing the true value of the book, he began to learn more about the subject.

Proctor joined the Nightingale-Conant organization and went up the company even under the guidance of Count Nightingale.

From there he was able to understand the teachings of human development and motivation.

In 1984, his long-awaited book You Were Born Rich was published by McCrary Publishing before other publishers returned it saying “this book is ridiculous.”

Australian filmmaker Rhonda Byrne discovered the book and asked her to interview Bob and join the film.

He was later interviewed in several news and talk show media and received a lot of attention.

He died on February 4, 2022.  It is unknown the cause of his death but he was 87 at the time.


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