Bolivia.- Evo Morales Insists That There Was No Fraud In The Presidential Elections Of Bolivia


The former president of Bolivia Evo Morales has stressed this Saturday since his exile in Argentina that the presidential elections of November 20 were not fraudulent against what the Organization of American States (OAS) maintains.

Morales has posted two messages on Twitter in which he points out "three serious reports" that "destroy the plot of the coup plotters (…) and strip the fraud of the OAS": "Michigan University (Walter Mebane), Center for Economic Research and Washington Policy (CEPR) and more than 100 experts from prestigious universities. "


"The three studies affirm that there was no fraud and we won in the first round. In addition, the 98 experts ask the OAS to retract its report and ask the US Congress to investigate the fraudulent audit sponsored by Almagro," OAS Secretary General , Morales says in his official Twitter account.

Since Friday Morales uses Twitter to make political publications, after formally obtaining political asylum in Argentina and activating his political apparatus by calling the main leaders of his party to visit him. Morales will direct from Oran, Argentina, about 20 minutes from the border, the Socialist Movement (MAS) campaign for the next elections.

In other messages he has criticized the transitional government led by the self-proclaimed president Jeanine Áñez despite the fact that the Argentine Foreign Ministry asked her not to make political statements.

"The de facto government of Áñez, Camacho and Mesa intends to return to the past. They talk about privatizing and delivering our strategic companies to the transnationals. They are preparing the return of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The Bolivian people together with the exchange process fought for recover our natural resources, "says one of his publications.

The ex-president also referred to the Armed Forces, disbursements from the Central Bank of Bolivia and the selection of electoral members. "Some commanders of the armed forces who swore before me the defense of the Homeland and the Constitution, today decorate coup leaders who massacred the humble in Sacaba, Senkata and other places in #Bolivia, with the pretext of recovering democracy. Fortunately they are not all the military, "he said.

Evo Morales resigned on November 10 in the middle of a wave of protests after the Organization of American States (OAS) noted "irregularities" in the presidential elections of October 20 in which he obtained his re-election. After her resignation, under pressure from the Army, Senator Jeanine Áñez declared herself president.

More than 30 people have died and hundreds have been injured as a result of clashes between Morales supporters with security forces and other sectors. In recent weeks the situation has calmed down, although there are still protests.