Bolsonaro Accumulates Lawsuits Before The International Criminal Court For Not Protecting The Amazon

Bolsonaro accumulates lawsuits before the International Criminal Court for not protecting the Amazon

More than two complete Bernabéu stadiums are needed to measure the number of people who could die in the world, in the next 80 years, if Jair Bolsonaro does not reverse the absence of an environmental policy. Projections released by the Austrian organization AllRise estimate that some 180,000 heat-related deaths could be caused due to polluting emissions from Brazil if it continues at this rate.

For this reason, AllRise filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Tuesday against the Brazilian president for alleged “crimes against humanity” caused by the deforestation of the Amazon and its effects on the lives of thousands of inhabitants around the planet. . But it is not the first time that happens. So far there are at least four indictments in force against Bolsonaro, all of them linked to the socio-environmental issue, before the international court.


The first of them is from November 2019, when the Human Rights Lawyers Collective and the Arns Commission denounced crimes against humanity and incitement to indigenous genocide. The second, in January of this year, was presented by indigenous leaders, who accused Bolsonaro of “ecocide.” The third, from August, is the strongest of all these indictments because it records in the first person the voice of the affected indigenous peoples and demonstrates the impact of the Bolsonaro government’s policies. Finally, last Tuesday’s communication, presented by All Rise, denounces the violation of socio-environmental rights and crimes against humanity.

“Since Bolsonaro came to power, the anti-indigenous policy has become more evident and its effects more perverse,” Eloisa Machado, a doctor in Human Rights from the University of São Paulo and one of the lawyers in two, told of the four current complaints before the International Criminal Court. “International jurisdiction is activated when the local justice system fails and does not show impartiality and independence. Unfortunately, this is the scenario we have in Brazil.”

Since 2019, Bolsonaro has received at least three other complaints related to the management of the pandemic but they have been shelved.

Crimes against the environment are considered crimes against humanity. For the specialists, all these petitions before the international justice, called “communications”, on the destruction of the socio-environmental rights and the aggressions against the indigenous peoples should be analyzed together to have a diagnosis of the situation that allows to inaugurate a preliminary stage of the investigation before defining the names of the victims and the accused.

Eloísa Machado assures that Bolsonaro practices an active policy against indigenous rights, especially in relation to the land. “When the president destroys the public infrastructure for the protection of socio-environmental rights, promoting deforestation, land invasions and illegal mining, this directly affects the rights of indigenous peoples, because when their lands are attacked, indigenous peoples are attacked. they feel immediately attacked, “says Machado.

The last communication on Tuesday must be evaluated by the Prosecutor’s Office, who may open a preliminary examination to assess the seriousness of the events, their classification as crimes and issues related to whether or not it should be accepted.

The 2019 request from the Human Rights Defense Collective, for example, received the approval of the Prosecutor’s Office to avoid being archived, considering that the facts described correspond to the seriousness of the crimes typified in the international jurisdiction.

“We imagine that AllRise’s investigation request will add to those that already exist and help to compose the scenario of the Brazilian situation,” says the Brazilian lawyer.



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