Bolsonaro Remains Silent After Lula’s Victory While Truckers Close To The Still President Block The Roads

The Brazilian far-right candidate and still president of the country, Jair Bolsonaro, maintains absolute silence after the result of Sunday’s elections in which former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva emerged victorious. Bolsonaro has not commented on the results of the polls some 16 hours after the vote count ended.

Lula promises "To end hunger" and fight for “democracy” in Brazil: “They have tried to bury me alive and I am here”

Lula promises to “end hunger” and fight for “democracy” in Brazil: “They have tried to bury me alive and I am here”


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The president, who has lost the elections by a difference of two percentage points, spent the night at his official residence in Brasilia and this Monday he went to the presidential palace, but without making any statements. He has not used his social networks either.

Although Bolsonaro has not recognized the defeat nor has he congratulated Lula, his greatest antagonist in politics, the result has left no doubts for many of the main referents of Bolsonaroism who, on the contrary, have admitted the victory of the progressive candidate the same night. Sunday.

Nor have they commented on the result of the elections, his three sons who act in politics: deputy Eduardo, senator Flavio and Rio de Janeiro councilor Carlos Bolsonaro, who, like their father, are usually active on social networks, but have disappeared. of the internet since the confirmation of Lula’s victory.

Roads blocked due to Bolsonaro’s defeat

One of the responses to the result of the elections is that of the truckers who have blocked several sections of some of the main highways in Brazil in protest at the defeat of Bolsonaro.

The Federal Highway Police has reported that protests have been registered in several states of the country, including Rio de Janeiro, Paraná and Mato Grosso, although the authorities are still collecting the data.

In some cases, the protesters contested the election victory of progressive leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and some called for an “intervention” by the Armed Forces in favor of Bolsonaro.

The most important roadblock was recorded on the Dutra road, which links the two largest cities in Brazil, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

According to a police spokesman, the blockades in Rio de Janeiro have already been lifted, but they have made transit difficult in industrial cities such as Barra Mansa and Resende. In the state of Paraná, bordering Argentina and Paraguay, a blockade was presented on the BR-476 highway at the height of the municipality of Uniao da Vitoria, in which “about 30 people” participated.

In Mato Grosso, a state bordering Bolivia and a major producer of soybeans, there were blockades in the agricultural pole of the municipalities of Sinop, Lucas do Rio Verde, Sorriso and Nova Mutum.

“They tried to bury me alive and here I am”

For his part, Lula da Silva will return in January to occupy the Presidency of Brazil in what will be his third term after obtaining the support of 50.9% of the Brazilian electorate.

After his victory at the polls, Lula spoke this morning of his “resurrection” in Brazilian politics: “They have tried to bury me alive and I am here.” “This is the victory of an immense democratic movement that was formed above the parties. The Brazilian people showed today that they want to live well, with employment and fair wages, with health and education, and quality public policies”, he said.

With his victory in a historic count, Lula also goes down in history as the only democratic leader with three presidencies in Brazil. The founder of the Workers’ Party (PT) stars in a new political revival after his 580 days in jail for convictions that were later annulled due to bias and lack of jurisdiction of the judge.



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