Bomb! Bradley Cooper In Love With a Cuban Actress?

Many fans still dream of a relationship between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, but this never materialized. At least they never bleached a romance. Now, images were leaked that point to a possible love between the actor and an artist of Cuban origin.

According to Radar Online, American actor and director He would be in a relationship with an actress with whom he was already linked in the past. It’s about Ana de Armas. Both met in the filming of the 2016 “Game of Weapons” movie. Related News The protagonist of “American Sniper” and the Cuban actress were seen at the “American Film Institute” (AFI) awards gala, an event held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles.

There both were the center of attention of the paparazzi, since the images between the renowned producer and the Cuban beauty speak for themselves.The two shared a pleasant moment, according to the witnesses, who claimed to have seen the two leaving the hotel at Same time. Will the Cuban actress be the love she so longed for the star of the movie “The Hangover”?


The truth is the writer of “A Star is Born”, co-starring with Lady Gaga, has long since forgotten her ex-wife, model Irina Shayk.

And although the reality of what was between the “Poker Face” singer and the actor was never known, love seems to have opened the door for the Oscar nominee once again.