Bomb! Gabriela Sabatini Had a Relationship With Donald Trump?

Gabriela Sabatini gave a cell phone to Los Angeles in the morning minutes before getting on a plane and broke the silence about a long-standing rumor that linked her, no less, than with Donald Trump.

The best Argentine tennis player in history has always kept a low profile and rarely revealed data about her private life, even having a famous family.

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Asked about the versions that say she was the girlfriend of the current president of the United States, Gaby quickly replied that no, because she had to get on the plane.

According to the story, suspicions of such a relationship began when the 49-year-old brunette was 19 and was on the crest of the sports wave, to the point that he caught the attention of the then businessman.

We talked about the year 1980 when Trump was 43 years old and was in crisis with Marla Maples, with whom he would marry years later while Argentina born in Buenos Aires was a semifinalist at the Australian Open and a silver medal at the Seoul Olympics.

The media of that time assured that the media magnate maintained a relationship of just one month with the athlete, with whom he barely has a public photograph.

Thirty years later, Gabriela Sabatini is blunt and terminates the issue that linked her to Donald Trump, one of the most controversial characters today.



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