Border agent arrested with 18 kilos of cocaine at Atlanta airport

Border Agent Arrested With 18 Kilos Of Cocaine At Atlanta Airport

Atlanta – A Customs and Border Protection Bureau (CBP) agent was charged with drug smuggling after being caught with about 18 kilograms of cocaine at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, federal authorities said Tuesday.

Ivan Van Beverhoudt, 40, was arrested after K-9 Canine Unit sniffed the luggage of passengers on the flight from the Virgin Islands, where the officer was deployed, and allegedly found several packages with the drug in their suitcases hand, according to the Office of the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia.

In total, authorities found 14 packages in one suitcase and two more in the other, with a total of 17.8 kilograms of cocaine, and accused Beverhoudt of possessing drugs with the intention of distributing it, in addition to a charge for being armed during the commission of crime.


“This officer allegedly abused his post to engage in criminal activity,” said US Attorney Byung J. Pak, who explained that Beverhoudt used his agent badge to circumvent the control measures that are implemented with all passengers arriving at the airport. from Atlanta.

When questioned, Beverhoudt said he was heading to Baltimore to see a doctor, but could not identify him or give more details about his appointment.

“A plaque and a gun should be used to protect the public, not to circumvent security to commit criminal activity. Corruption in officials undermines public confidence and makes our work more difficult,” said Robert Hammer, special agent of the Inspections division of the Department of Homeland Security in charge of operations in the states of Georgia and Alabama.