Border Patrol Agent Sentenced For Drug Trafficking

TUCSON, Arizona, USA (AP) – A former Border Patrol agent who admitted to helping drug traffickers in the transfer of drugs along the US-Mexico border was sentenced to six years in prison on drug and bribery charges.

A federal judge in Tucson imposed the sentence on Friday to Jose Antonio Yanez, 50, of Pirtleville, a small community on the outskirts of Douglas.


The judge also ordered that Yanez pay compensation of about $ 340,000 to the Border Patrol for the salary he received during the time he conspired with the traffickers.

Yanez had pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana with the intention of distributing it, having received a payment for bribery and importation of a controlled substance.

The Arizona Federal Prosecutor’s Office said Yanez, while working at Border Patrol stations in Douglas and Naco, helped traffickers transport thousands of kilograms of marijuana and accepted more than $ 16,000 in bribes.

Yanez turned the Border Patrol cameras to an area that could not show traffickers carrying backpacks full of marijuana, left on purpose in their surveillance zone for narcotic vehicles to cross the border, and provided confidential materials and information to accomplices, All this in exchange for money, according to the Arizona Attorney’s Office.