Border Patrol Removes Immigrant From Hospital After Arresting Her In Front Of Her Family | Univision 23 Miami WLTV

The arrest has caused a great deal of controversy because, while her children begged the agents not to take her away, the woman suffered a panic attack and began to vomit, so she was taken to the Adventure Hospital.

Once there, one of the agents stayed with the woman for 5 hours, until she was discharged and they could take her into custody. The moment she is escorted out of the hospital was captured on video.

"We don't understand why they stopped her, it seems very strange," said Laura Mu├▒oz, of the Florida Immigrant Coalition. Mu├▒oz also complained that the hospital had allowed the immigration agent to remain with the woman all that time.


Immigration lawyer Eduardo Soto explains that the hospital had the right to tell the immigration officer to wait outside. But for some reason what they did was tell the people of the Immigrant Coalition that they had to leave.

The Border Patrol said in a statement, in which they clarify that they do not conduct operations in hospitals in South Florida, but "transport people in custody and remain with them until they are treated and discharged."

ICE, undocumented and immigration: this is what has happened in Florida