Boris Johnson Asked Trump To Stay Away From The British Elections

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Friday that it is better for U.S. President Donald Trump not to get involved in the UK elections when he visits London for a NATO summit next week.

"As allies and dear friends we are, we don't traditionally get involved in each other's election campaigns," said Johnson, whose Conservative Party leads opinion polls before the December 12 elections.

"The best thing when you have close friends and close allies like the United States and the United Kingdom is that neither party is involved in the choice of the other," he said on the LBC station.


Trump has already made a foray into the elections, stating in October that the leader of the opposition Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, would be "very bad" for the United Kingdom and that Johnson should agree with the Nigel Farage Brexit Party.

The Sun newspaper reported on Friday that prominent figures from the Conservative Party fear that the US president will say something during his two-day visit that could embarrass his campaign.

Trump, who will arrive in London on December 2, will surely be asked about his attitude to future trade negotiations and whether the NHS should be included, having previously said that everything should be on the table.

However, Johnson said he will abandon business talks if the state health service is stipulated as a precondition.

“First of all, the NHS is not for sale. Under no circumstances will this government or any other conservative government do anything for the NHS to enter into a negotiation in a trade or privatization conversation or something like that, ”he said.

"I can tell you that if the United States, or any other country, insists on that as a condition for conversations, we will simply leave," he added.

(With information from Reuters)



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