Boris Johnson Decrees Total Confinement In England And Closes Schools

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has decreed a new national lockdown in England, which includes the closure of schools, due to the alarming expansion of the coronavirus caused by the new variant.

“Hospitals are under more pressure than at any time since the beginning of the pandemic,” Johnson assured in a speech to the nation, in which he urged all citizens not to leave their homes except for some essential reason.


Johnson has called on citizens to consult the new restriction guide and has asked the most vulnerable population to exercise extreme caution. As in the month of March, the schools will also be closed for most of the schoolchildren. There will only be exceptions for the children of workers in essential positions and children at risk of exclusion.

The measures will be extended for at least the next six weeks and require the closure of all non-essential businesses. Restaurants, however, will be able to keep their services delivered. You will only be allowed to leave your home to make essential purchases, go to work, exercise, go to a medical appointment or flee from domestic abuse.

These restrictions have yet to be approved by Parliament. However, Johnson has ensured that the rules must be followed from this Monday.

England is thus following in the footsteps of Scotland, which has reinstated a total confinement similar to that of the first wave on Monday. There, as Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced, citizens must stay at least throughout the month of January in their homes.

The United Kingdom has registered 58,784 new infections this Monday, which is the highest number recorded since the beginning of the pandemic, coinciding with the expansion of the new strain of the virus, which, according to the British authorities, has a greater infective capacity. This Monday was the seventh consecutive day that new cases exceeded the 50,000 barrier. Infections are increasing sharply and hospitals have had to suspend operations and expand their capacities to care for more patients than in the first wave.

The number of people admitted for coronavirus this January 4 in hospitals in England is 26,626, 30% more than a week ago. On April 12, at the highest peak of the first wave, the number of hospitalized was 18,374. The current figure is 40% higher.



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