Borrell: "Nicaragua Is One Of The Worst Dictatorships In The World"

Spain has asked to debate the situation in Nicaragua in the European Union. And the debate of the EU foreign ministers has ended with a conclusion verbalized by the High Representative, Josep Borrell: “It is one of the worst dictatorships in the world.”

“The drift of Nicaragua is unacceptable,” Borrell said after the meeting in Luxembourg: “Since 2018, violent oppression has raised 328 people killed in the street, murdered.”


According to the head of European diplomacy, “the president [Daniel] Ortega and his wife, the vice president [Rosario] Murillo, have eliminated the political opposition ensuring their victory. It is one of the worst dictatorships in the world. “And he added:” The EU will continue to insist on democracy, the rule of law, the release of political prisoners and free elections, since those that are to be held in November they are false, organized by a dictatorship. “

“We have once again led the position in the European Union”, said the Spanish Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albares, leaving the meeting in Luxembourg, “and we have obtained a general consensus on our positions to try to reverse the current situation that leads us to a situation that we can classify as electoral fraud. The minimum conditions are not met for there to be a democratic, free, transparent, competitive electoral process and therefore we have considered different options to try to change the situation before November 7 “.

According to Albares, the ministers have “also considered a series of measures on which the Foreign Action Service and the High Representative are going to start working, [Josep] Borrell, supported by the rest of the States of the European Union, to propose what to do from then on. And we have indicated a battery of measures that will include, if necessary, a third round of sanctions at the personal level, also included in the environment of the president. [Daniel] Ortega, if necessary. ”

The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, said before the meeting in Luxembourg: “Spain is going to put on the table clear positions on different actions that can be taken as events progress.”

Albares explained that the Spanish government is “dragging the rest of the EU countries” and pointed out that the Ortega government is in an “authoritarian drift” and that the elections cannot be considered “credible” by the EU.



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