Borrell: "We Must Be Honest, The Situation In Cuba Has Dramatically Worsened Due To Decisions Made By Mr. Trump"

“The EU calls every year at the United Nations for the end of the blockade. And this September we will do it again.” The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, has appeared before the Foreign Affairs committee of the European Parliament, where he has been criticized by the PP MEP Francisco Millán Mon for his response to the demonstrations in Cuba. Last Monday, Borrell asked the Cuban government to allow the protests and listen to “the manifestations of discontent.” This Wednesday he responded to the PP MEP: “Everything is not resolved through megaphones, everything is not resolved by making statements.”

“In Cuba the situation is dramatic,” he said this Wednesday in the European Parliament: “Cuba currently lacks syringes, medicines, fuel. It has never been easy, but at this moment it is more difficult, and it is natural that there is moments in which the tense social and economic situation provokes protest movements “.


Borrell also added: “But if we want to be honest and want to know how things are, this situation, which has been dramatically worsening in recent months, also has to do with decisions made by Mr. [Donald ]Trump in the last days of his term [como presidente de EEUU]. How to prohibit Miami families from sending, as they have been doing for years, transfers to their families in Cuba. That has meant cutting off many resources that Cuban families received overnight. By a decision of the outgoing American administration taken in the last days of his mandate. That also has an influence. It would be frankly dishonest not to admit it. ”

And he has sentenced: “Yes, there are political problems, but there are also problems derived from political decisions taken by others that dramatically affect the population. And that I certainly do not support.”

“Look,” Borrell continued in his response to Millán Mon: “The European Union every year at the United Nations asks that the American blockade of Cuba be lifted. I am not saying it. The European Union says it every year in the United Nations. United and we will say it again this September. Suspend the blockade, Well instead of suspending it, Mr. Trump, before leaving, decided to suspend the possibility of sending family remittances to Cuba. That also has nothing to do with the fact that the economic situation worsens “.

“In any case,” he said, “political problems are one thing and the humanitarian situation is another. We will continue working on all issues.”

Borrell introduced this Monday at the meeting of the EU Foreign Ministers in Brussels an information point on the demonstrations that are taking place in Cuba, and also addressed the Government of the Caribbean country: “I want to defend the right of citizens Cubans to express their opinions peacefully, and that the Government allow the demonstrations and listen to expressions of discontent. “

Some statements that he defended this Wednesday before the European Parliament before the complaints of the PP MEP: “I was brief. The good, if brief, twice good. I said everything I had to say. Maybe you would like to say more But I, in my capacity as High Representative, said what I had to say: a call to the Government to allow the exercise of the fundamental rights of citizens, to allow free demonstration and peaceful demonstration, that to attend to their complaints, to attend to their problems and that there was no violent repression. ”

“This is a manifestation of discontent that has not been known since 1994,” the head of European diplomacy said then: “There have been a significant number of demonstrations and also a response from the forces of order that, for the moment, has been produced in a way that has not meant particularly violent encounters due to the news available to me. ” And he added: “You have to say everything very carefully because events can change.”

Borrell said this Wednesday: “I think it is at first instance, what needs to be said. We are following the situation. Then there have been arrests of journalists and we are working on it. Everything is not resolved through megaphones, everything is not resolved making communications. There is a lot of work that is done and is best done through personal contacts. ”



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