Boston Will Pay 48 Million To Yield To Price And Betts

NEW YORK (AP) – In addition to having given them to Mookie Betts and David Price, the Red Sox will compensate the Dodgers with $ 48 million as part of the agreed exchange between the two teams, through which Boston seeks to reduce the cost of its payroll to avoid the so-called “luxury tax.” The Red Sox will cover the amount in 18 equal payments of $ 2,666,667 for three years, under the terms of the exchange that both teams announced on Monday, according to details known to The Associated Press. Boston will deliver the payments to Los Angeles on the 15th of each month, from April to September, in 2020, 2021 and 2022. The 48 million dollars correspond to half of what Boston owes Price for the rest of the seven-year contract and $ 217 million agreed before the 2016 season. The player is owed $ 32 million for each of the next three campaigns.Betts has a salary of 27 million for this season, after which he can to become a free agent. Boston’s net savings of $ 43 million this season — for Betts’ pay and half that of Price — would place the expected expenses in Red Sox salaries below the ceiling of 208 million dollars in which the majors apply the “tax.” The Red Sox paid 11.95 million dollars for that concept after they won the World Series in 2018, and disbursed $ 13.4 million in the following campaign, during which they stayed out of the postseason. If Boston exceeds the payroll limit for the third consecutive season, it will have to pay a 50% fee for the first 20 million dollars that exceed that cap, of 62% on the amount exceeded the 228 million and 95% over which it is above the 248 million. As part of the operation, Boston acquired from Los Angeles the Mexican gardener Alex Verdugo, the box player Jeter Downs and the receiver / player of Connor Wong box.