Botox? Eduardo Yáñez Is Unrecognizable. OMG! What Happened?

Eduardo Yáñez appeared in a new edition of the “Hoy” program, a segment that includes special guests from the entertainment world, reports on the show and updates the audience on the most important news of the moment.

On this occasion, the drivers of said television project have interviewed Mexican actor which was considered one of the stars of Mexico, who also surprised with his new physical appearance. Related News While it is true that the protagonist of “Distilling love” He was on the set to talk about the death of his mother, he caught the attention of viewers powerfully by showing himself with several kilos of more.

In addition, the interpreter of “True Loves” revealed in the morning cycle how difficult it has been (for him) to endure so much pain, after his mother’s departure. On the other hand, we must highlight that the 59-year-old artist born in Ciudad de Mexico was heavily criticized in social networks for its new image.


The images went viral and, as expected, fans of Francesca Cruz’s ex invaded the web with thousands of messages for and against him.

Finally, among the comments left by the netizens, those who claimed that Eduardo Yáñez chose to put on a botox to look younger were also highlighted, so that his face is perceived as more swollen.