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Brazil. Bolsonaro Sued For ‘improbity’ In Promoting Ineffective Medicine – Kaos Online

The Brazilian Prosecutor’s Office opens an investigation against President Jair Bolsonaro for quackery in the use of hydroxychloroquine to combat the coronavirus.

“The protocol of tomorrow (today) in the PGR (Office of the Attorney General of the Republic) denounces Bolsonaro for administrative impropriety and quackery: deceiving the people by promising a cure through medicine without scientific efficacy and with serious side effects,” he declared. this Monday the federal deputy Rogério Correia, of the Workers Party, on Twitter.

According to the aforementioned deputy, the Office of the Prosecutor also sues the far-right president for swelling his friends’ coffers and squandering public money.

By underestimating the threat of the new coronavirus, causing COVID-19, Bolsonaro again questioned confinement as a way to contain the pandemic in the country most affected by the deadly virus in Latin America.

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Despite the warnings of doctors against the consumption of hydroxychloroquine, the dignitary, hours after revealing that he had tested positive for COVID-19, published a video on Facebook taking the aforementioned drug as a treatment for the pandemic, the same recommended by the American President Donald Trump.

Several reports show that the mortality rate increased much more than expected in Brazil, due to the use of the controversial drug, recommended by Bolsonaro.

In fact, they sue Bolsonaro, nicknamed “the Brazilian Trump”, for minimizing the severity of the epidemic from the beginning, calling it a “flu” or comparing it to the deaths caused by traffic accidents in the country.

In addition, criticism of the president’s management regarding the infectious disease have led the Brazilian Armed Forces to meet and analyze scenarios in the event of the president’s eventual removal.

According to information from the Brazilian Ministry of Health, in the last 24 hours, the country has registered 1,665 deaths from COVID-19, so that, in total, the pandemic has left 1,867,841 positive cases in that nation and more than 72,000 deaths.

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