Brazil Overtakes Dominican Republic Like A Roller And Wins 6-0

Brazil Overtakes Dominican Republic Like a Roller And Wins 6-0

Read by Savio, the Brazilian national team turned around on Wednesday with a string of goals (6-0) against the near-elimination Dominican Republic in the second day of Group D of the World Cup quarter-finals. – 20 people from Argentina. La Canariña, who had just lost to Italy, struggled to warm up at Malvinas Argentinas in Mendoza, but then lost their strength and ran over the Dominican side from all sides.

In the 37th minute, the best player of the match, Savio, headed past Xavier Valdez to win, but further tragedy was averted for the Dominican. Marcos Leonardo, who has already scored three goals in the competition, scored a minute later.

In the second half, Jean Pedroso scored a corner kick from Savio with a header to expand the game (m.57). Then Giovane made a low shot from outside the area (m.82).


The Brazilian’s monologue culminated in stoppage time, when the Dominican Republic was already one man down after Edison Ascona’s exit, by Marlon Gomes (m.92) and Mateus Martins (m.93). .

In the other group match, Nigeria defeated the Italian team 2-0 to take the sole lead with six points, leveling with Brazil on three points.

The Dominican national team has a worse image than its debut and is sinking to the bottom without a win in the first ever FIFA World Cup.

That said, it took the Brazilian some time to grease the machine. It seemed that the memory of the setback in the match against Italy remained subconsciously.

Savio, one of the eleven’s newcomers, played a role in breaking the ice.

The PSV Eindhoven winger filtered a pass, landed a cross and stunned the defense from the right flank. Biro also knows how to move on the left flank and Marcos Leonardo has accompanied them from the ninth position.

The three encounter a huge Valdez at the start. Houston His Dynamo goalkeeper put in his best performance against Nigeria and once again showed that talent today despite a ton of goals.

After a stone strike, Savio headed in after receiving a superb cross from Biro. Kiskeyanos didn’t even have time to blink.

Arthur’s cross from the right, Thomas Jungbauer’s ill-fated rebound, Valdez’s failure to secure the ball and Marcos Leonardo’s cane to make it 2-0.

The 7,253 spectators didn’t like the sudden Brazilian gale and sang “Muchachos…” in unison to see if it would rouse the Dominicans, but it didn’t work either.

Walter Benitez was no different, making two changes at half-time in an attempt to equalize. The team took a step forward and ultimately paid the price with four more goals.

With more space, the South American champions continued to target Valdez’s goal. The third was Pedroso’s work from the head, and the fourth was transformed by Jobane. As a result of frustration, Dominican captain Ascona was sent off with two yellow cards.

Marlon Gomez and Mateus Martins saw the goal in the final minute to end the Caribbean’s woes.

On the final day, Brazil will look to advance to the Round of 16 against Nigeria, already ranked in La Plata. Italy, meanwhile, in Mendoza, would do the same as the Dominican Republic, which has little choice.

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