Brian Littrell Is Celebrated During The Backstreet Boys Concert On Cdmx

Brian Littrell Is Celebrated During The Backstreet Boys Concert On CDMX

The ‘boyband’ was presented in front of 15 thousand 421 people, who witnessed the ‘DNA World Tour’, in the Sports Palace.

With the classic “Happy Birthday to you”, but this time the most thunderous they could sing, fans of Backstreet boys they celebrated their 45 years to Brian Littrell, during the first concert that the boyband He offered last night at the Sports Palace.


Halfway through the first show, which is part of his DNA World Tour, the singer was entertained by his audience and his own teammates, who did not miss the opportunity to hug him and congratulate him.

“Guys, girls, this is a very special day because one of us turns years old, is our dear and beloved Brian and that’s why we ask you to sing the Happy Birthday“he said Nick carter.

The four members of BSB they joined the 15 thousand 421 fans who attended the concert to perform the traditional song that Brian thanked singing and dancing.

“I love you Mexico, thanks,” he said Brian. “We love you, boy,” he added Kevin Richardson and the five hugged.

In the show that lasted almost two hours, the boyband

-Recognized as one of the most popular in the world- offered a show in which they combined songs from their new album and their hits.

I Wanna Be With You, The Call, Show Me the Meaning, More Than That and Shape of My Heart they were part of setlist in which the Americans danced, sang, joked and had a great time.

“Thank you for these 26 years of a spectacular trip with you. Thank you for being the best fans a band could ask for,” he shouted. A.J. Mclean, in English. “Kisses, kisses, kisses,” he added in Spanish.

But not only Littrell It was the celebration of the night, but also hundreds of girls who did not stop screaming to see that A.J. and Kevin They changed clothes in front of them.

“What if Kevin and I change here in front of you? “, he said as they placed themselves behind some locker rooms that were placed on the stage, took off their shirts and boxers, which ended up being an intimate gift for the people of the first rows who caught them in the air.