Bricklayer Kills His Boss To Stabs For Sympathizing With Donald Trump In Florida

Bricklayer kills his boss to stabs for sympathizing with Donald Trump in Florida

A mason murdered his boss to stabs for defending the president of the United States, Donald Trump, and then nailing an American flag next to his body at a construction site after having a political discussion, police sources in Florida reported.

The attacker was identified as Mason Toney, 28, who was charged with manslaughter in connection with the death of William Knight on Monday, according to an affidavit of arrest from the Orange County Police Department in Orlando, Florida.


Bricklayer murders his boss for sympathizing with Trump

According to statements by other employees, who witnessed the fact, Toney and Knight were friends outside of work even though they did not share political positions. Knight was a supporter of Donald Trump, while Toney "was against the government, was very open about his beliefs that the government is bad and went after him," according to the affidavit.

The mason stabbed his boss to death because he supported Donald Trump

Workers in the construction of the Turnpike Road, in the Orlando metropolitan area, told investigators of the case that Knight had picked up Toney to go to work and that they had led to different construction areas when they started the discussion.

When they arrived at Turnpike, the employees heard William Knight shouting for help. They ran and saw Toney stabbing Knight with a bucket of mason, according to what is read in the statement.

The other employees said they threw objects at Toney to try to stop him, but he approached them with what they thought was a knife. He got into a van and left, while calling his fellow terrorists.

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Next to Knight's body, the other construction workers found a US flag and its wrapper. Agents from a neighboring county arrested Toney a few hours later. It was not possible to contact Toney's lawyer, who was being held in Orange County, also in Florida.

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