Bride Asks For Money From Her Wedding Guests

United States.- Some brides usually have eccentric ideas at the time of organizing their wedding, these can vary from the place of the ceremony to the dress of the bridesmaids. But, recently, one got great criticism when asking for money from his guests to pay a million dollar debt.

According to information published by US media, the bride acquired a loan to finance her university studies, which, she has not finished paying.

The bride published her intentions on Reddit to request tax advice from users, the idea is to raise $ 60,000 to settle one of the debts.


“I have a large student debt and I was planning to get married soon. Instead of a wedding registration typically asking for a lot of random products. I was thinking of making a link to my Venmo account or something like that, where wedding attendees could make a contribution to pay off the loans, ”the woman published.

Some users of the social network considered alarming the idea of ​​asking for a contribution to collect 60 thousand dollars. While others dedicated themselves to explaining how the guests would have to pay taxes for donations.

“In the US In the US, the donation tax applies for each donor to each donor separately. The annual exclusion is 15k (15 thousand dollars). That means that an individual person would have to give it 15K to be taxed, ”argued a Reddit user

There is nothing courteous in asking your guests for donations for your home / honeymoon / student debt hahaha. Instead, do not have any registration and you will receive money, ”said one of the users