British Brexit Minister Resigns Amid Restrictions

LONDON (AP) — A senior member of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s cabinet tendered his resignation Saturday night, a decision that adds to a sense of chaos within a government that this week has faced a rebellion from its own lawmakers. and voters.

Brexit minister David Frost said in a letter to Johnson that he was leaving the post immediately after a newspaper reported that he had planned to step down next month.


Frost indicated that the process of leaving the European Union will be a long-term job.

“That is why we agreed earlier this month that I would go ahead in January and hand over the baton to others to run our future relationship with the EU,” he detailed in his resignation letter.

However, the Mail previously reported on Sunday that Frost has resigned due to growing disillusionment with Johnson’s policies. The newspaper added that Frost’s decision was triggered by last week’s presentation of new restrictions due to the pandemic, including the requirement that the population present proof of vaccination or the negative result of a coronavirus test to be able to enter. nightclubs and other crowded venues.