British Press Seeks Royal Family Member Accused Of Racism By Meghan Markle

After ruling out Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, the British press seeks to identify the member of the royal family who expressed concern about the skin color of the son of the Dukes of Sussex, Archie, before the child was born, in 2019.

The crisis in the monarchy deepens after the devastating interview that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Enrique and Meghan, gave to the presenter Oprah Winfrey. It was broadcast on Sunday in the US and Monday night in the UK. During the conversation, the Duchess admitted to having suicidal thoughts and accused a member of the royal family of racism.


British newspapers have dedicated several headlines to identifying who it is, such as “Meghan and Harry: on the hunt to identify the member of the royal family who made a racist comment about Archie”, “We demand to know who the racist is” or ” Who in the royal family questioned the skin color of their future child “.

At the moment, only two members of the Royal House have been discarded, Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, after the television presenter and host of the interview clarified this Monday on the program “CBS This Morning” , who, despite the fact that the duke did not share her identity, assured her that “it was neither her grandmother nor her grandfather.”

The Labor Party, first of the opposition, has already asked to investigate the accusations of racism in the monarchy in the face of the silence of the Government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has assured not to have seen the interview.

The Duchess of Sussex also claimed to have felt trapped in the monarchy after her wedding in 2018 due to restricted movements or what she could say. Meghan confessed that this harmed her to the point of having suicidal thoughts.

The dukes, who will be parents to a girl this summer, also said that some members of the royal family did not want their son to be a prince and that the Prince of Wales stopped responding to calls from his son Henry.



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