Britney Griner Still Serving 9 Years In Prison

Britney Griner Still Serving 9 Years In Prison

A Russian judiciary on Tuesday dismissed the appeal of American basketball player Britney Griner and sentenced her to nine years in prison for drug possession and smuggling.

The Justice College of the Moscow District Court deemed the sentence handed down against an American athlete who was arrested last February with several cannabis oil cartridges in his suitcase legal.

At the same time, there was also a rule that one day during which a convicted person was in preventive detention in Moscow for eight months counted as 1.5 days in her entire sentence.


“Otherwise, the judgment remains unchanged,” the judgment said.

In principle, an Olympic and world champion with about eight years left in prison could soon be transferred to a women’s prison.

Griner, who turned 32 a week ago, attended a teleconference hearing in the city of Krasnogorsk, which was also attended by Acting Ambassador to the US Embassy in Russia, Elizabeth Rood.

“Nine years in prison is too long (…) and those who have committed more horrific crimes receive lesser amounts of sentences. I call for the sentences to be reviewed. I apologize for my mistakes. I Guilty, but no malice… I hope the court will consider it,” Griner said during his speech.

The day before, he had already assured through his lawyer that he expected the court to listen to the defense’s arguments, but that he was not expecting a “miracle.”

Athlete advocates today asked a court in the Moscow region to acquit Griner or reduce his sentence, but the prosecution has demanded it be finalized.

“Kimki’s court believes it has falsely established criminal intent, which Griner did not,” said one of the athlete’s attorneys.

“She had fully admitted her guilt, and the court had only partially considered her guilt admission.”

In his opinion, the ruling handed down in August was unfair and “extremely harsh” due to both the small amount of cannabis seized and his sporting achievements and humanitarian work.

Prosecutors today asked the court to keep the August 4 judgment in force.

US President Joe Biden has been pushing for the release of the player, one of the world’s greatest basketball stars.

Last August, the Khimki court convicted the athlete of “crimes of committing an offense” stipulated in Articles 228 and 229.1 of the Russian Criminal Code (possession and trafficking of drugs).


An athlete arrested at a Moscow airport with cannabis oil in his possession accepted the sentence but asked for mercy after admitting his mistake during the trial.

His lawyers questioned the cannabis samples taken by Russian police after his arrest as evidence and appealed the sentence on August 15.

Russian law punishes crimes committed by an American who is 2.06 meters tall and plays for the Russian team UMMC in Yekaterinburg with up to 10 years in prison.

US Secretary of State Antony Brinken told his Russian colleague Sergei Lavrov that Griner was sentenced to 16 years in prison for espionage for “merchant of death” Russian Victor Butt. suggested replacing fellow American Paul Whelan. He has served 25 years in an American prison.

According to CNN, the White House rejected Russia’s “dissenter”, Chechen Vadim Krashkov, who wanted a second Russian prisoner of war to be included in the exchange.

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