Britney Spears Fractured Her Foot While Dancing

The singer’s boyfriend shared on Instagram a photograph of the spectacular bandage they put on his leg after the dancing metatarsal broke.

In the coming weeks Britney Spears fans will not be able to enjoy the training videos that have become commonplace on her Instagram account because, as she has been in charge of revealing her boyfriend and personal trainer, the singer suffered an unexpected accident while He made a choreography apparently more complicated than usual.


“When you break something, it usually gets stronger when it heals, especially when it comes to my girl. My lioness has injured the metatarsal of her foot doing what she likes best, which is dancing. I hope she recovers as soon as possible so that she can leave her skin again jumping, running and dancing, “Sam Asghari wrote on her Instagram account next to a funny selfie in which she poses with her girlfriend and in which she appears with a hospital gown on.

On that same platform Asghari also showed the fun way they have customized the spectacular bandage that Britney now looks on the leg, from the knee to the instep, writing the word ‘Stronger’ (Stronger) in honor of one of the most simple successful of the singer.

That publication served to make it clear that the attractive model was not exaggerating when a few months ago he said that both his girl and he get along great with their respective families. The little sister of the pop princess, Jamie, soon left a comment to joke that, between her own daughter – who recently injured her arm – and Britney, they don’t win for scares.

“Between Maddie and her, it seems we have set up a hospital,” Amie assured him, to which he replied: “I hope you both recover soon.”