Britney Spears’ Son Attacks His Grandfather On Instagram

The youngest son of the so-called ‘Princess of Pop’ stated that his mother has no interest in resuming his musical career

Jayden Federline, youngest son of Britney Spears, He made a broadcast on his Instagram account on Tuesday in which he made public the singer’s disinterest in music. The 13-year-old boy also accused his grandfather Jamie Spears (dad and custodian of the singer’s assets) of being a bad person and preventing the artistic development of the former pop princess.


In its transmission Jayden, 13, confessed that his mother is increasingly far from returning to a stage or a recording studio.

“I haven’t seen her make a lot of new music at all. I remember once I asked her: ‘Mom, what happened to your music?’, And she said: ‘I don’t know, honey. I think I could leave it. “

Jayden confessed to his followers that the answer left him in shock and that is why he questioned her again: “What do you say? Do you know how much money you earn with that?”, but apparently, not even the great fortune that Britney I could do if you resume your career is reason enough to return to music.

During the transmission, which lasted 20 minutes, Jayden He answered several questions from his followers related to his family and his mother’s current boyfriend, Sam Asghari, and his answers definitely did not leave his grandfather in a very good position.

And a follower advised him to kill Jamie Spears what Jayden He replied: “Brother, I was thinking about the same thing.” And when another follower asked if Grandpa was a moron, the youngest son of Britney He did not hesitate to answer: “Yes, it is, he is a damn fool. For me, to die. ”

These statements are not strange considering that in September 2019 Kevin Federlineex Britney and dad of the singer’s children, accused Jamie Spears having attacked his son Sean after a fight

But for Jayden Not everything is wrong in your family. He loves his grandmother Lynn Spears: “My grandmother is literally the best in the universe, in fact, of all my grandmothers.” He also expressed his sympathy for Sam Asghari , his mother’s boyfriend, whom he described as a very “nice” person, “a very good guy”.