Britney Spears Tells How She Accidentally Started a Fire At Her Home

The princess of pop told in her networks that months ago she accidentally burned the room in her house where she trains.

For a long time Britney She didn’t share any posts on her Instagram account from her home gym, and now she’s just revealed why: Six months ago the pop princess burned down that room in a domestic accident caused by a pair of candles.


As he explained in a video that he shared on that same platform, at the time he forgot to turn them off and “one thing led to another” until the room burned down completely.

Fortunately the fire alarm went off on time and no one was injured, but almost all of the training devices were lost in the fire.

“I passed by the door and you could see the flames. It was an accident, but yes, everything was burned,” she added in the text that accompanied the recording, in which she appears dressed in sportswear and speaking somewhat nervously. facing the camera, while swaying slightly from side to side.

Britney he always tries to see the positive side of things and, despite the scare, at first he consoled himself thinking that he has always preferred to train in the garden. However, this week he was able to return to the gym for the first time to perform the exercise routine that keeps him in shape during the isolation period using the two machines and the only mirror that were saved from the fire.