BTS And Billie Eilish Could Have a Collaboration Together

BTS and Billie Eilish could have a collaboration together | INSTAGRAM

Could it work for two artists as different as BTS and Billie Eilish to share their work in a musical work? If you think about it it makes sense, because they have a lot of followers in common, and the artists also have something in common, they are young with style unmistakable and very successful.

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Many wonder how such different groups are coming together lately, leading to collaborations with K-pop groups, many fans have seen in some public movements of Billie and Jungkook, which could lead to a new job together.

Eilish, in an interview, described the members of the Korean boy band as "great." The singer answered the questions of Stephen Thompson, who consulted at some point attendees on what artist Billie should work with.

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They all shouted with one voice: BTS, and she responded with an astonished "Should I? I'm going to listen to you, they're great. They've said very nice things about me."

It is not the first time that they think of a collaboration between them, since last April, the boys of BTS (especially Jungkook) mentioned Billie Eilish as one of their favorite artists.

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Jungkook confessed that he loves the artist from the United States. Remembering a bit, in May he uploaded a video of TikTok to Twitter, where he danced to the rhythm of "Bad Guy", and has become the tweet with more likes of 2019.

What would a collaboration between these two greats of music be like? How do you think it would sound? Would it be a success? We don't know the truth, but we can only wait to see what the future holds for these stars.

Recall that BTS could do something totally historical for the music industry and for this genre. And esque it would not be so strange on the part of these super stars since they have not stopped breaking records and putting the name of their group on top, this time they could receive their first nomination to obtain a Grammy award.

Billboard magazine published in its "Grammy preview" section, recently that both Big Hit and Columbia Records, the record labels that take over the work of the group, sent a request to the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences so that Consider making the BTS nomination.