Burned Wooden Statue With Image Of Donald Trump In Slovenia

An unusual wooden statue of Donald Trump was completely burned in Slovenia, probably the victim of an act of vandalism, months after being installed by a local architect, municipal authorities reported Thursday.

Slovenia is the home country of Melania Trump, the wife of the American president.

There is nothing left of the creation of eight meters high, built with wooden boards, which parodied President Donald Trump, in a dark suit, red tie, an angry expression and with his famous strand of straw hair combed back.


The firemen who intervened in the early hours of Thursday could not prevent it from being consumed completely, the mayor of the town of Moravce, located about 30 kilometers from Ljubljana, told the AFP, where the statue was moved last month.

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Ironically called "Statue of Liberty" by its author, it was inaugurated at the end of August in a town near Moravce, where its presence eventually bothered the inhabitants due to the many curious people it attracted.

"It is an attack on art and tolerance towards the fundamental values ​​of Europe," Mayor Milan Balazic deplored, regretting also losing an attraction for which he had paid 1,500 euros at the time of installation.

Since its introduction last summer, this effigy with the image of Donald Trump, destined to denounce populisms according to its author, divided the opinion between unconditional fans and detractors.

Slovenian architect Tomaz Schlegl, interviewed by AFP on Thursday, said he suspected an act of vandalism in connection with escalating tensions in the Middle East since Washington ordered the killing of an Iranian general.




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