Burning Sculpture Of Donald Trump In The Home Country Of His Wife Melania

Burning sculpture of Donald Trump in the home country of his wife Melina

A sculpture made of wood and representing Donald Trump was completely burned in Slovenia, the mayor of Moravce, Milan Balazic, said that “strangers completely destroyed the sculpture, thanks to which we expected more tourists,” he also recalled that the The author of the work had repeatedly stated that the statue speaks of freedom and peace.



These acts, said Milan Balazic that "it is an act of great intolerance" and is probably a terrible act of vandalism. A few months ago it was installed by a local architect in Ljubljana, Slovenia, home country of the wife of the President of the United States Melania Trump.

They set fire to Trump's statue, they say it symbolized PEACE

The politician of Slovenia assured that this sculpture had already been set on fire but thanks to the rapid intervention it was possible to avoid, however, this time the sculpture completely burned out. "There is nothing left of the creation of eight meters high, built with wooden boards."

This sculpture that the author said symbolizes peace, parodied the American president, with his peculiar dark blue suit, his red tie, as well as the constant expression of anger on his face and of course he could not miss his already famous tuft combed back.

The mayor said that when the firefighters arrived at the scene they could do nothing because the flames had almost completely consumed the wooden sculpture, which was located about 30 kilometers from Ljubljana, where the statue was moved last month .


Melania Trump also had a statue in her hometown in Slovenia, which was called "Statue of Liberty" and was inaugurated in late August in a town near Moravce, it attracted people's attention but ended up bothering the Inhabitants of the area due to the many curious people it attracted

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For his part, Balazic said he regretted the fact of losing an attraction for which he had paid 1,500 euros to install this effigy, destined to denounce the populisms ended up dividing the opinion between unconditional fans and detractors.

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