Cady Groves, Promise Of Pop And Country Music Loses His Life At 30

Cady Groves, promise of pop and country music loses his life at age 30 | Instagram

Young singer-songwriter Cady Groves lost her life this past weekend at her Tennessee home, Camus Celli, executive director of Vel Records, reported.

The 30-year-old promising musician, composed songs of the pop and country genre, lost her life last Saturday, apparently there was no other cause that caused her unexpected end.


His departure appears to be due to natural causes, pending a final forensic report. The coroner ruled out criminal activity and self-harm, “Celli said in a statement Monday.

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Groves’ family has requested that instead of flowers, donations be made on their behalf to the Music Health Alliance or MusiCares.

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Who Was Cady Groves?

The artist, Groves, originally from Kansas, just released her next album that will be released in the summer of 2020, according to her label.

Some of the most popular songs include “This Little Girl”, “Love Actually” and “Forget You”.

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During his musical career, he toured with LMFAO, Good Charlotte and Third Eye Blind and continued to offer shows for fans in Nashville.

People closest to Cady want people to know that she loved music, laughter, cooking, tacos, and especially her family, “Celli said in his statement.

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Similarly, the executive director of Vel Records, Ceilli, noted that the singer was very excited about her upcoming projects.

I was so excited to finally bring out this piece of music that I had worked on for so long (over a year), ”she said. “To be back in front of her fans to play this new music … that was really all for her, her connection with her fans was the world for her.”

It is worth mentioning that the artist’s family lost two more children with a similar age between 2007 and 2014.

Cady Groves is the third daughter in the family of six to die at such a young age, the only descendant left alive is Cody. As it became known, the Groves family had already mourned the loss of Casey, 28, in 2007 and Kelley, also 28, in 2014. Today in 2020 Cady leaves her family once again devastated.

The singer’s older brother shared a parting message via Twitter.

He has left this world ”:“ Details are limited at this time, but the family is trying to get them and will keep people up to date. Rest in peace little sister ”. Cody Groves wrote.

Possible causes

Cody himself, the young artist’s brother revealed that last year she had some medical problems, although she did not specify what type, she points out is the main assumption at the moment, however, they are waiting for more tests, she noted.

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He also asks his followers for respect to publish any information about his sister’s unfortunate loss, as well as not sharing any information that comes from the family.

Please respect your name and family before sharing information that does not come directly from here. “