Caitlyn Jenner Didn’t Vote For Anyone In The 2020 Election

Caitlyn Jenner talks about trans inclusion in sports 2:06

(WAB NEWS) – Caitlyn Jenner is trying to challenge the ideological definition as she runs to unseat Governor Gavin Newsom in California’s near-certain impeachment elections. Jenner told CNN’s Dana Bash that she did not vote for former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, and that, in fact, she did not bother to vote.

“I didn’t even vote,” Jenner told Bash in a lengthy interview at her Malibu home. “Here in California, it’s like, why vote for a Republican president? It just won’t work. I mean, it’s overwhelming.


“It was the day of the vote and I thought that the only thing that worries me here in California, that affects the people, are the proposals that there were,” he said. And I didn’t see any proposal that really had one side or the other. So Election Day came and I couldn’t get excited. And I ended up going golfing and I said, ‘I’m not going to do that.’

Jenner told Bash that he is “more or less on the Republican side” but does not like “labels.” Defending her lack of government experience, she said she was prepared to take on the role of running a state that has the world’s fifth-largest economy, in part by surrounding herself “with some really good people.”

Political experience

«I have been in the business world. People think that if you’ve been in show business, you think of yourself as a reality star. I’ve certainly done that, but entertainment is a business, and you have to run that business, ”Jenner told Bash when asked what kind of training she had to be governor of California. But I’ve done other things too. We have sold a billion dollars worth of exercise equipment on television. I have had aviation companies. I have always dedicated myself to being an entrepreneur and have tried to inspire my children to do the same. And they have done very well in that regard.

Those life experiences, he argued, have helped develop his leadership skills. In an interview in which she argued that Californians are overburdened with taxes and regulations, Jenner noted that she has met with “budget people,” but would not say with whom because she “didn’t want to expose anyone.”

The former Olympian is one of several prominent Republicans challenging Newsom in the likely elections, which have not been officially called or scheduled due to the complex bureaucratic process for their inclusion on the ballot. But due to her lack of political experience, Jenner’s political positions are unknown to many California voters, aside from her advocacy for transgender rights and her past support for Trump, from whom she disassociated herself in 2018 over consider that his administration applied policies harmful to transgender people.

At the same time, Jenner is clearly aware that Trump’s base could serve as a wellspring for political donations in a state that requires tens of millions of dollars to compete. With that in mind, Jenner is trying to create some distance from Trump’s rhetoric and political positions, as well as his claims that the 2020 election was fraudulent, without alienating the voters who supported him. His attempt to find an acceptable middle ground on issues like homelessness, the environment and immigration is also a calculated political strategy in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans more than 2 to 1.

Caitlyn Jenner: I’m in favor of legal immigration 1:14 Integrity of the electoral system

As Trump continues to spread falsehoods about the 2020 elections, Jenner told Bash that he does not believe the elections were “stolen,” but argued that there has to be “integrity” in the US electoral system.

«He is our president. I respect him, “Jenner said of President Joe Biden in the interview when asked if Biden was” duly elected. ” “I realize that there is a lot of frustration with that choice. You know what? I am frustrated by what happened at that time.

She did not go into detail about why she was frustrated by the election, which has created deep divisions in the Republican Party. While acknowledging that Biden is president, he also sided with Republicans who have suggested that work must be done to ensure the “integrity” of the electoral system.

When asked about the dozens of lawsuits that Trump and his allies filed to challenge the results despite the lack of evidence of any widespread voter fraud, Jenner said he believes “in the system.”

“We are a democratic republic; we need to have integrity in our electoral system, ”Jenner said.

Jenner’s comments on the election come at the same time that Republican-controlled legislatures in many states are pushing bills that would restrict voting rights, using Trump’s lies about fraud as justification.

The Republican-led effort to impeach Newsom last year was fueled by anger over the Democratic governor’s strict policies during the dark days of the pandemic, but it is also a reaction to his leftist agenda. The California Secretary of State reported in late April that the proponents had provided the required number of valid signatures to initiate the revocation. In the next step of the process, voters have 30 business days to remove their names from impeachment petitions. However, the quest for Newsom’s opponents to unseat him seems increasingly difficult. His approval ratings remain above 50% and only 4 in 10 potential voters were in favor of his impeachment in a recent poll by the California Public Policy Institute.

If the revocation appears on the ballot, voters would have to answer two questions. The first would be if they want to remove Newsom. The second would be who they want to replace him with, followed by a long list of candidate names from all political parties, including Jenner’s.

Caitlyn Jenner says she would reinforce the wall in California 2:41 “I’m in the middle”

Jenner, who is registered as a Republican in California, seemed especially reluctant to get involved in the controversy Trump has created over the 2020 election and the GOP’s efforts to restrict voting rights, prompting Bash to point out that it was important. Jenner share her views because the party has continued to push Trump’s agenda in that area.

“The reason I’m asking you about this is because you’re a Republican,” Bash said at one point.

“I’m more or less on the Republican side,” Jenner chimed in.

“We tag everyone. I don’t like labels. I am me, okay? ” Jenner added. “Just because I have a conservative economic philosophy, that’s the only Republican thing I’m into. … I dont know. Maybe they call me a libertarian. Maybe they call me from the middle. I really don’t know because when it comes to social issues, I’m a lot more progressive, a lot more liberal. So I’m in the middle.

Jenner, whose candidacy for governor is one of the most prominent campaigns by a transgender person in the country, also spoke out on the issue of the participation of trans athletes in school sports. The former Olympian created controversy during an impromptu interview with TMZ when she was asked for her opinion on efforts by some Republican legislatures to ban trans athletes from participating in sports consistent with their gender identity. She replied that she does not support trans girls playing on women’s teams, because it is “a question of fairness.”

When asked about that position during the CNN interview with Bash, Jenner said: “The most important thing for me is that we protect women’s sport. We can solve the other questions: that trans women who compete in sport, that they are really trans, that they have grown up as trans and have been trans all their lives.

“I am in favor of protecting women’s sport,” she told Bash. “My statement was: I don’t want biological boys to play in girls’ sports.”

Jenner told Bash that he supports “legal immigration” and that “the bad guys have to go.” But he also said he supports a path to citizenship for 1.75 million undocumented immigrants in the state’s workforce, a position that is at odds with major Republican voters nationwide.

Differences with Newsom

He harshly criticized Newsom’s handling of the pandemic, although he said he does not blame the governor or the federal government for the restrictions imposed at the start of the pandemic.

“I would definitely have done everything possible to open as soon as possible,” Jenner said when asked what he would have done differently in the face of the pandemic.

But at some points in the interview, Jenner appeared to advocate for stronger government intervention, for example on the homeless issue. When asked if the more than $ 2 billion Newsom has proposed spending for the homeless and housing is enough, Jenner said she wasn’t sure.

It seems like a lot of money. It’s enough? I do not know. It’s a start, ”Jenner said. When asked what he would do to build more affordable housing, he said the “biggest problem is regulation” and that he would consider changes to California’s Environmental Quality Act.

“I’m totally pro-environment, 100% pro-environment, but we can’t destroy our states, okay?” He said. “As for the regulations, I would freeze everything. Look at it. Some of these regulations have been on the books long before, I mean, honestly, from the fax machine. ‘

The former Olympian also said she would thoroughly study California’s environmental standards and would “probably not” uphold California’s goal of being fully dependent on zero-emission energy sources for electricity by 2045. Jenner praised her children and their talents. But he said his family would play no role in his campaign for governor. He noted that he differs from his stepdaughter Kim Kardashian in terms of abolishing the death penalty.

“I am in favor of the death penalty,” he said.

Family support

She stressed that she and her children have a great relationship and love each other, but that they were “scared” at the prospect of Jenner running for governor both for their safety and because they were “scared about what the media will do.” .

“My family has certainly been in the media and they have taken their blows and they don’t need to take more,” Jenner said. “I told them:

‘I’m not going to ask you for a single tweet. I’m not going to ask you for a single thing. You go live your life. This is my business. ‘



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