Calculator For The Last Date Of The Opening 2022

Calculator For The Last Date Of The Opening 2022

Three teams are looking for the last tickets to the quarterfinals on date 10 of the Apertura. FAS, Marte and Santa Tecla will play their permanence in the tournament this Sunday when they play the last day and get one of the two tickets that are available for the next round.

Group B will have an interesting end to the weekend as many spectators’ eyes will be watching what happens on the pitches of Quiteño, Simeón Magaña and “Calero” Suárez.

At this time, only Alianza and Metapán are classified for the next round in group B. Below them appears the tigrillo team that occupies the third box with thirteen points, Marte with eleven and Santa Tecla with 10 units.


How does FAS classify?

The highlight of Sunday will undoubtedly be the clash between FAS and Alianza that will be played in Santa Ana. Zambrano’s team has to win or draw to certify their classification to the quarterfinals.

What happens if FAS loses to Alianza?

In the event that the tigrillos lose to the two-time champion, they will have to hope that Marte and Santa Tecla do not win their respective matches, otherwise they will say goodbye to the contest. It should be noted that FAS has lost its last three games with Alianza in Quiteño, including the Copa Morena.

It should be mentioned that despite not having a guaranteed presence in the next phase, FAS can still opt for a better position in the table if they manage to beat the whites and Metapán does not add to their game against Marte.

How does Atlético Marte classify?

In the case of Mars, the bomber cadre will visit a Metapán who wants to take care of second place. The “Pichi” Escudero team automatically qualifies for the quarterfinals by winning against the calera squad. In the event that the people of the capital do not achieve the three points, they have to hope that Santa Tecla does not defeat Once Deportivo.

How does Santa Tecla classify?

Precisely, the parakeet team has added emotion to the outcome of the tournament with three consecutive victories. Those led by Ernesto Corti have to beat an already eliminated Once Deportivo and hope that FAS does not add to its game with Alianza or that Marte does not win in Metapán in order to obtain the ticket to the quarterfinals. If he manages to tie with FAS in points, the goal difference would have to be seen, which at the moment favors the tigrillos by three goals.

What happens in group A?

In the central-eastern group, things are clearer since the first four teams are classified for the next round and it only remains to define what position they will occupy for the quarterfinal series. Águila and Dragon are tied for the first box although with a better goal difference for the feathered ones. Both squads will face each other to define the group leader in the Barraza.

Jocoro is in third place with 15 points, although he cannot be the leader due to the large goal difference that Águila has. In any case, the stoker team can still reach second place if there is a winner in the Miguel derby or they manage to beat Chalatenango by a difference of four and outnumber Dragon.

Platense is stuck in fourth place and although it seemed that the Viroleños would face Alianza in the quarterfinals as the first confirmed series, it should be noted that Dowson Prado’s team can still reach third place on goal difference if they defeat Firpo and Jocoro falls to Chalatenango.

Group A Group B

Eagle 17 Alliance 19

Dragon 17 Metapan 15

Jocoro 15 FAS 13

Platense 12 Mars 11

Chalatenango 6 Santa Tecla 10

Firpo 5 O. Deportivo 6



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