Cali: Reason To Defeat Against Tolima In Liga | Colombian Soccer | Eagle League

The advantage of Tolima over Deportiva Cali was very wide, after the good that the greenish team had done until the end of the first half, especially when it dominated its rival and was up on the scoreboard.

The 5-2 seems far from reality, but the errors shared in attack and defense led Lucas Pusineri's cast to a defeat that forces him from now on to add as many points as possible to specify his quota between the eight of the Eagle League II-2019.

The classic Vallecaucano 287 is coming, with the need for both teams to add three units or stay in the tightrope.


These were the reasons for the thunderous fall in front of the ‘pijao’ cadre in Ibagué:

A rotation that did not work during the 90 minutes. Lucas Pusineri returned to make several variants in his initialist training, everything was going well until the end of the first half, although his team gave many advantages and succumbed without any reaction in the complementary stage.

He failed to defend the advantage. Andrés Colorado and Matías Cabrera made a good first half after the 1-1 draw, but in the second half they fell short, watching the skilful Tolimans play. To complete, the defense was easy prey to the speed of men like Ánderson Plata and Jáminton Campaz, especially the side Mateo Puerta and the central Danny Rosero, who returned to the formation, and the Argentine Francisco Delorenzi. The lack of pressure in the one-on-one, especially in the air game and in the free spaces, was well exploited by Tolima.

The revulsives were in debt. While Alberto Gamero got his way with the entry of Jáminton Campaz – great figure of the game – who unbalanced with his ability and turned the fourth goal with a powerful shot from outside the area, in Cali they entered the complement Féiver Mercado, Andrés Arroyo and Yeison Tolosa without any significance in the game. Unlike other meetings, this time nothing different happened with the nominal variants.

Dinenno, without contribution in attack and lost the ball in the third goal. Deiber Caicedo and Carlos Rodríguez became important men while Cali was in advantage, but later they collapsed with the collective. The one that was definitely far from his best form was Juan Ignacio Dinenno, who apart from not creating risk in the Tolima defense lost in attack a ball that ended in the third goal ‘pijao’, of the steering wheel Alex Castro.

Marco Antonio Garcés
Correspondent Futbolred Cali
On twitter: @marquitosgarces