California Fears More Coronavirus Infections Among Thousands Of Homeless

SACRAMENTO, California – California Governor Gavin Newsom said he fears that some 60,000 people living on the state’s streets will contract the virus that causes COVID-19, as they are particularly vulnerable people.

California is the state with the most homeless population in the entire country: about 150,000 people. Although the rest of the population is ordered to stay isolated and wash their hands frequently, this sector continues in the same conditions as it was before the outbreak of the disease.

The coronavirus could spread rapidly through makeshift camps for homeless people living in close proximity and poor sanitation.


So far it has been confirmed that a homeless person in California has died from the virus. Newsom noted that the person died in Santa Clara County, just south of San Francisco. Neither Newsom nor the county health department has released details of the death.

On Wednesday, Newsom mentioned the possibility that some 60,000 homeless people would contract the virus and saturate the capabilities of the state health system, so he announced plans to invest $ 150 million to protect that sector of the population.

“I hope everyone perceives the sense of gravity that we are giving to the problem of homeless people,” Newsom said on Facebook Live.

Two-thirds of those funds will go directly to local governments for homeless services and $ 50 million will be invested by the state to acquire 1,300 trailers and hotel rooms in emergencies.

Homeless people who test positive for the virus or show symptoms will be housed in the trailers. There are 950 hotels in California willing to rent rooms to local governments to accommodate homeless people.