Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Analysis For PS4, Xbox One And PC

The analysis of Call of Duty Modern Warfare returns us the best war shooter set today, both in multiplayer mode and in its campaign, for which some of the most beloved characters in the franchise return.

How long have we not played a Call of Duty for the campaign? What a question. The "shooter" of Activision and Inifnity Ward (study responsible for the original games) has been characterized by its powerful multiplayer mode, but there was always a place for the campaign. Gradually, this story mode was distorted. Neither Advanced Warfare, nor WWII nor Black Ops 3 got their arguments to catch us as the previous ones had done, and in last year's edition, it was replaced by the Battle Royale mode.


But we are facing a major change of direction. Because the return of Modern Warfare (a reinvention of the saga, with the return of one of its most emblematic characters) is also the return of the Call of Duty classic style. In our analysis of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for PS4, Xbox One and PC we reopen the doors of that FPS that also bets on multiplayer and history.

Paradoxically, the fact that a 2007 game (remastered in 2016) has been taken as a reference is a breath of fresh air for the franchise. And against all odds, surprise us again. Modern Warfare is a release that will be enjoyed by the most novice recruits, but those who enjoyed the first trilogy will "blow their heads".

The most risky campaign

Behind the campaign are former members of Naughty Dog (the studio that has launched the Uncharted or The Last of Us). The work of Jacob Minkoff (design director) and Taylor Kurosaki (narrative director) in Infinite Warfare has already left us a great taste – it was undoubtedly the best of that Call of Duty – but we can affirm without our trembling pulse They have now been overcome.

They have taken real elements, with the only caveat that Syria has been "baptized" as Urzikstan, and they have left us with a plausible story that makes us think every time we pull the trigger. The first levels may seem a bit run over, but it hooks us.

Najwa Nimri puts his voice in Call of Duty Modern Warfare

In one of the moments that define this campaign, Captain John Price of the SAS explains that in modern warfare one must draw the lines of what is acceptable and what is not, and those lines can move as the conflict. For the first time, together with "traditional" Call of Duty elements such as persecutions, assaults with members of special operations and the use of more advanced weapons technology, we find other moral dilemmas: the role of guerrillas , torture, civilian casualties, CIA intervention on foreign soil … Modern Warfare is a current and adult game.

If the original trilogy was a roller coaster, closer to the style of Michael Bay's films, the game now looks more like a documentary. It is still exciting and tense, but with moments that leave us "bad body." And it is not simply to return to levels like Nothing of Russian of Modern Warfare 2, but a sensation that "floats" constantly on us while we play.

In any case, we must highlight two "flashback" (20 years and ten years later) in which we play with Farah, leader of the Urzeka resistance, and in which a different style of play is explored, based on infiltration. They are two controversial and brave levels, as we have never seen in another warlike SPF and that show that Modern Warfare is a "serious thing". We do not want to gut more, but they are not the only elements that reflect the harshness of war.

The toughest level of Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Total darkness

As for the "gameplay", we also enjoy a necessary evolution. Throughout the 14 episodes (between 6 and 8 hours depending on the level of difficulty) the development also matures. The campaign is guided, with some open levels that alternate with the more "pasilleros" developments. But the indicator that sets us the following objective has disappeared (we can request that information if we are lost, although the experience is much better if we are attentive to what our colleagues tell us or to the design of the stage).

The "night" levels shine especially. On the one hand, a stealth element has been introduced, as in Splinter Cell; If we stay in the dark and make no noise, the enemy sentries will not be able to detect us – for this we can also shoot at the light sources. On the other hand, these levels are much more tactical.

When we enter a house to look for hostages, we have to take into account the penetration of the bullets through walls and doors, "clean" the rooms one by one, and be very careful when opening each door, either do it little by little or entering suddenly and taking advantage of the element of surprise. These are levels that trigger our level of adrenaline and make a difference with respect to battles in the open ground.

Veterans of the saga are also going to meet with winks to the stellar moments. It returns a section in which we control a helicopter gunner to provide air support (such as the level of the AC-130), the selection of laser targets for a Predator drone to fly through the air, an outstanding sniper phase with a rifle .338 Lapua in which it is necessary to take into account the distance and speed of the wind, or the resistance on the roof of the embassy (as in the movie 13 hours The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi) that has reminded us that burger of Modern Warfare 2.

If you are one of those players who launch directly into online mode, the campaign has a pleasant surprise. The feeling of having lost time with respect to other players is over, because our progress in story mode also unlocks elements in the multiplayer (in fact it is the only way to get some operators).

Movies and documentaries that inspired Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Huge multiplayer

The multiplayer is incontestable. Those who want to play the clashes "as always" have 21 online maps at their disposal with a spectacular pace. In general, the design of the maps is true to the original trilogy; that is to say, that they flee from the symmetry of three streets and two heights typical of the Treyarch (Black Ops) games and propose us to fight for "advantage" points, high or better covered, which are the ones that unbalance the balance.

We have at our disposal the traditional modes, such as team battle, dominance, barracks … and in this case they join gunfinght (which is a two against two with weapons determined by the machine), battle for teams of 20 players and the mode Terrestrial War, which supports up to 64 simultaneous players, using vehicles and fighting for targets, as we have seen in the Battelfield saga.

The night vision goggles have opened a gap in online mode. The night levels allow us to fight in a unique way, since the viewfinders and the sight of the weapons cannot be used at the same time. In that case, it is replaced by a laser, which can nevertheless give away our position.

The gameplay also improves with additions that seem small, but that increase our gaming possibilities. It is the case of supporting the weapon on horizontal or vertical obstacles (columns, window frames …) to reduce the effect of the recoil or the possibility of reloading without having to stop aiming. We also like the fact that the minimap has been removed in some ways, which adds a bit of realism. And finally, the "frivolity" of executions is added: if we catch an enemy in the back and hold R3 for a while, we can enjoy a brutal third-party animation.

The progress system is the best of the entire saga, which is not a small one. We can customize our online profile by choosing between 18 "skins" of operators (each with three color variants) and customize our weapons, perks and advantages per streak (they are again low streaks instead of points). In addition, each of the weapons has its own level, which allows us to unlock accessories, specific perks, paintings, stickers and even decorative pendants. The gunsmith in which we carry out these modifications is in itself another triumph of the game. It is enjoyed almost as much modifying and contemplating our rifles as playing.

Why is it called Modern Warfare instead of COD MW4

As if this were not enough, we also have access to new "emotes" to communicate with other players, graffiti or watches, which add specific functions.

We leave for the end the issues related to netcode (the code that determines how to play online) and crossplay between the three platforms. As for the first, despite the problems that some players experienced in the beta, we found it exceptional. Immediate connection, no lag, without expelling us from the games … at least in the "review" environment the network code was unbeatable. But the best thing is that the game behaves just as well when we fight with – or against – users of other platforms. Finally we can team up with our friends who have other consoles or PCs.

And another good news that was published during the analysis of Call of Duty Modern Warfare is that there will be no loot boxes, no purchases inside the game, no microtansactions … With the base game we will have access to all the content that is published during the next few months (like Battle Royale mode) without making any additional disbursements. There will only be one battle pass to get cosmetic items, which are not going to affect the gameplay.

The Spec-Ops promise

The "third leg" of Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the cooperative mode. And maybe it's the one that has left us colder. If the campaign and online are outstanding, the Spec Ops mode has seemed "blurred." To start, we have at our disposal the classic game style (at a campaign level, with waves of enemies and supplies to deal with them) and survival mode, exclusive to the PS4 version throughout the first months.

But the main cooperative is developed on a gigantic map, like a sandbox, with the use of vehicles. The game assigns us objectives – which can only be overcome if we play in a coordinated way – and puts us in front of waves of enemies with juggernauts, who act as level bosses. But the narrative part falls short and we are not sure why we are doing certain actions.

This is what the Spec Ops mode currently offers (with the progress system linked to the multiplayer "versus"), but the important thing is the possibilities it promises. With such a large map, he is crying out for the arrival of the Battle Royale and new more narrative modes.

The new engine of war

Call of Duty needed a face lift. The IW Engine and all its iterations had fallen short, and finally Modern Warfare has taken the step. And in what way! The levels are full of detail, the recreation of the weapons is almost pornographic and the characters are very expressive. Lighting (and of course, night vision effects) are key for us to feel in environments as varied as the city of London, St. Petersburg or a field of poppies in the Middle East.

In PS4 PRO we have been able to enjoy the game at 4K resolution and 60 FPS (one of the hallmarks of the entire saga) and we have also had the opportunity to see the game on PC, where it will incorporate ray tracing for lighting. The surround sound, with brilliant effects for the detonations of the different weapons, puts the icing on it. We even liked the option to use CG sequences in the third person during the campaign – a reminder that in other installments it was bet because these sequences were also in subjective perspective.

There is only one aspect in which a certain setback is noticed with respect to the original games, and that is that the soundtrack goes unnoticed, without reaching the level that the compositions of Harry Gregson Williams, Hans Zimmer or Brian Tyler had.

In general, Modern Warfare is a return to the roots of the saga. We could almost say that Call of Duty was losing its identity, particularly after Black Ops IIII, and now it has recovered it strongly. Without being as revolutionary as the first Modern Warfare was, it is one of the best warlike SPFs of the generation.

His story has caught us, the multiplayer is full of options, both for "classic" players and those looking for new modes, visual evolution is overwhelming and the promise of new free content for all players is very welcome. The best delivery of recent years, but also the most controversial and adult.