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The Mexican quintet is counting the days for its presentation in El Salvador. Caló is one of the groups that come together in the 90's Pop Tour experience, which brings together the most emblematic artists of the genre in that decade.

Mercury, Magneto, Kabah, OV7 (formerly Vaseline Wave), Caló, JNS and The Sacados are part of this international tour that travels through different Latin American countries including El Salvador.

His presentation in the country will be on November 1 in the amphitheater of the International Center of Fairs and Conventions (CIFCO) at 8:30 at night. Tickets are on sale at Todo Ticket. Locations: Ultra platinum $ 175, Platinum $ 135, V.I.P. $ 80 and Preferential $ 50.


Bringing together the best voices of the 90s was not an easy task, but for the artists it was worth much more the love and loyalty of the public. In different interviews – granted to various media – they argue that the chemistry when interpreting together is incredible since they all go hand in hand with the purpose of making the past travel to the public, with their most emblematic songs.

"After the inclusion of Mercury and Magneto that was spectacular, it gave him a new air, because first they were invited and after the spectacular reception Ari (Borovoy) joined us; now with Kabah. It has been a great adventure to share with all of them ", said Claudio Yarto member of Caló in one of these meetings prior to his presentation at the emblematic Arena in Mexico City.

The new musical proposal arises

Caló was one of the first groups that emerged with diffusion in mass media focused on rap, hip hop and house. They knew how to get noticed with an electronic dance proposal. This is how a whole generation hummed and sang songs like "Forms of Love".

In the beginning the group received comparisons with the Spanish duo Ace of Base but far from intimidation they took it as praise. The versatility of his music was reflected in his first hit "The Planet", which led them to win the Prize You are being considered Group revelation of the year in the early 90's.

The Caló group – now without Andrés Castillo – returns to the scene but this time integrated by César Méndez (On-C Méndez) – who becomes the new member – Claudio Yarto, Gerardo Méndez and the Maya sisters and María Karunna.

"The captain" and "I can't do more" were other of his bewitching creations after his debut and in his second record material, produced by Aleks Syntek, they released "La Taquiza", "Fiesta Party" and "Stay tuned".

Other of his most famous creations were "Perfume", "Of course it hurts" and "I am like a diamond".

In their social networks they are currently interacting with their loyal fans and last month they appealed to nostalgia by remembering their album "Puro Caló". On Instagram they find themselves as "grupocalomx" and around 39,000 people don't miss their posts and tours.

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