Camila Sodi’s Unique Topless That Everyone Talks About

The actress stars in a photo shoot with the theme “Paradise Lost”, in which she posed as Eva.

Camila Sodi It is again on everyone’s lips because of some photos he shared on his Instagram account. In the images, the actress plays Eve in the Garden of Eden, at the right moment when she gives in to the snake’s insistence to bite the apple.


This publication has been a success, because in less than a day it has already reached more than 127 likes.

The idea of ​​this series of photos called “Paradise Lost” is not Camila Sodibut from the photographer Henry Jimenez, who explained the concept on his Instagram account.

“I had always wanted to take photos of @camilasodi_ until it was done and I loved her. Which do you like the most, 1 or 2? ”Was the message from the photographer, who has also captured celebrities like Loreto Peralta, Barbara de Regil, Minnie west or Sofia Castro with Pablo Bernot.

Camila Sodi She has not commented so far on that series of photos, although her comment on Henry leaves no room for doubt: she was very satisfied with the photos. “I love you”, was the message of the actress, who, it is clear to us, is an admirer of her work.

Lately Camila Sodi He has drawn attention for the content he publishes on his networks. There is for example the case of the image in which we see the actress characterized as the new Ruby, a soap opera that until now we have not been able to see in Mexico, as production has not yet been released in the country.

There are also the videos that he recorded with Thalia in which he mocks the rumor that his aunt removed some ribs to reduce the circumference of his waist and what to say about his photos in a swimsuit or even, the stories about his transformation into Erika, the great love of Luis Miguel in your bioseries.

In the end, it is not surprising that its content has so much impact on the web. After all, the Mexican actress has a not inconsiderable number of one million 800 thousand followers on Instagram alone.