Camilo And Evaluna Share More Details Of Their Wedding With Romantic Song

The daughter of singer Ricardo Montaner and the musician were married a month ago and decided to share more details of their wedding through a duet theme.

Although his journey ended, Camilo Echeverry and Evaluna They are still on their honeymoon, as the young couple has just released a romantic duet theme, of which they also shared an intimate video, just one month exactly after their fantasy wedding, the song Por Primera Vez premiered on YouTube this Monday and the reactions of emotion of his fans did not wait.


The newlyweds surprised their fans with a deep and romantic song, in the most danceable style of Camilo, and for the video clip of the theme they decided to show unpublished images and moments of the ceremony and the wedding party of Evaluna and Camilo.

In the video clip, you can enjoy captures of when the wedding vows and part of the fun party were being fixed, upon entering the altar.

Camilo stated in his instagram stories, that he did not know why he had not released a song with Eva Luna, since they had previously made collaborations, but nothing professional for the public. “We were waiting for this moment, the song came to us at the best moment of our lives,” Evaluna said in her husband’s stories.

In addition, Camilo declared a very honest song since it did not make sense to make an artificial video and that is why he took the wedding theme, which was a very personal and special moment for both families, and it was correct for them to share it with their followers.

The couple was awaiting the premiere of the video clip, and chatted with the followers who demonstrated in the YouTube chat.

On the other hand, Camilo and Evaluna commented that they are the cover of the playlist “love, love” of spotify, which they edited during their honeymoon and that it is special for all couples in love who are looking for good music.

In less than Camilo and Evaluna an hour, the video had almost 20,000 reproductions on YouTube, and it is surely another of the singers’ successes.